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Unleashing the Power, Tower T14, Dyness HV ESS, Achieves Remarkable 94.2% System Performance Index


Berlin, Germany - The solar and energy storage research group at the University of Applied Sciences  (HTW Berlin) released the 1.0 version of the Energy Efficiency Inspection Report (Stromspeicher-Inspektion 2024) for the year 2024. Dyness' residential high-voltage product, Tower T14, achieved an exceptional system performance index of 94.2% and has been awarded an energy efficiency rating of B. In this report, the research group conducted a combined evaluation of Dyness Tower T14 and the PLENTICORE plus G2 10 inverter from Kostal, a well-known inverter brand in Germany.

Image Source: "Stromspeicher-Inspektion 2024"

Tower T14 is one of the models of Dyness Tower series. It consists of four HV9637 battery modules connected in series, with a total energy storage capacity exceeding 14 kWh and a depth of discharge (DOD) of 95%. According to the report, the median annual electricity consumption for households in Germany in 2022 was 4882 kWh, with an average daily consumption of approximately 13 kWh (calculated based on 365 days per year). Based on the research group's calculations, Tower T14 offers a usable storage capacity of up to 13.5 kWh. This data demonstrates that Tower T14 can effectively meet the energy storage needs of most German households.

Tower T14's ranking in the list as a representative product of the Tower series is a testament to the strength of Dyness Tower series products, certified by standard testing institutions and the industry. Since entering the market, the Tower series has received praise for its ability to provide diverse options that cater to different needs.

Currently, Dyness offers five capacity options for the Tower series, ranging from 7.1 kWh to 21.31 kWh, which can be used in both grid-connected and off-grid scenarios. The range of capacity options, from high to low, provides convenient and flexible choices for installers and end users. Additionally, the Tower series models are compatible with various internationally renowned inverter brands, including Kostal, allowing for seamless integration and matching. Furthermore, all models in the Tower series feature stackable and automatically configurable battery modules, eliminating the need for wired connections during installation. With hardware installation and software configuration completed in just 15 minutes, the Tower series maximizes convenience for users during the installation process.

Image Source: "Stromspeicher-Inspektion 2024"

In addition to its wide capacity coverage and easy installation, high safety and intelligence are also indispensable highlights of the Dyness Tower series. The Tower series products have an IP54 protection rating, with a cycle life exceeding 6,000 cycles, and have passed the rigorous TUV product standard testing and certification within the European region. In terms of intelligence, the Tower series products automatically activate the protection mechanism in case of overcharging, over-discharging, or overcurrent, promptly responding to risk control. Users can also choose to equip the online application, enabling real-time monitoring and remote upgrades to ensure operational safety anytime, anywhere.

Overall, authoritative certification, high protection rating, intelligence, and an ultra-long cycle life have established a solid product moat for the Tower series in the German market.

"For nine out of ten households, battery storage can increase self-sufficiency levels by 18-38%," said Lucas Meissner, co-author of the report, on the official website. Facing various situations of uneven and unstable electricity consumption, Dyness has been fully aware of the importance and strategic nature of energy storage since its establishment. It actively addresses and solves every feasible problem from a product perspective to provide energy stability and affordability to society.  To date, Dyness has partnered with over 80 global partners, providing high-quality products and services for over 300,000+ users worldwide.

Image Source: "Stromspeicher-Inspektion 2024"

The report's preface mentions that if all residential energy storage system manufacturers could transparently showcase the characteristics of their products, this report would lose its significance. Authenticity is a principle that Dyness has consistently adhered to, following the principle of walking alongside customers.  Dyness always provides the market with transparent and well-verified products of exceptional quality. The inclusion in this list is strong evidence of that commitment. The research group also stated in the report, "In fact, installers know exactly what they are getting from the manufacturers of home storage systems. After all, they usually decide which products to install."

The report shows that in 2023, Germany saw over 530,000 new installations of residential energy storage systems, with a capacity growth of over 4.6 GWh, representing a remarkable growth rate of 153%. As the energy storage market rapidly develops, opportunities arise, but the requirements for companies and product capabilities also become increasingly stringent. The ranking of Tower T14 on the list is not only a recognition of its product capabilities but also serves as an encouragement for Dyness to further develop and enhance its products. In the future, Dyness will wholeheartedly embrace the wave of sustainable development, providing high-value products to serve society, and working hand-in-hand with global partners to build the foundation of sustainable development.

For the complete report, please visit the Official Website of HTW Berlin.