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Commercial Energy Storage Systems - High Voltage


Dyness' first high security high energy den-sity DC1000V liquid cooling all-in-one energy storage system,compact structure design reduces space, 232kWh in a single cabinet.supports AC and DC side expansion at anytime, zero parallel capacity loss.

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Battery Technical Specifications
Battery Type LFP(LiFePO4)
Cell Capacity 280Ah
Module Configuration 1P52S
PACK quantity One cluster/5PACK
Battery Voltage Range 754~936V
System Capacity 232kWh
AC Output(On Grid)
Rated Output Power 100kW
Rated Output Voltage 400Vac
Voltage Range 340Vac~440Vac
Wring Method 3P4L+PE
Rated output frequency 50Hz/60Hz(Settable)
Grid frequency Range 45-55Hz/55-65Hz(Settable)
THDi ≤3%(Rating power)
System parameters
Dimensions(WxDxH) 1055x1645x2398mm
Weight 2600kg(TBD)
Operating Temperature Range -20~55°C
Operating Humidity Range 0~95%
IP Protection IP65
Anti-corrosion C3
Noise ≤75dB
Elevation 3000m(>2000m derating)
Cooling Method Smart Battery Liquid Cooling+PCS Air Cooling
Display Touchscreen
Fire Fighting Class 3 fire protection+active venting+explosion protection
Communication Port Ethernet/4G
Cycle Life 8000 cycles/80%EOL(25°C,100%DOD,0.5P)
DC Expansion Capacity 93-392kWh
Standards GB/T36276、GB/T34131、IEC62619、IEC63056 IEC60730、EN62477、EN61000-6-2/4、IEC62933