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DH100F series all-in-one multi-function integration, support PV and generator access, grid and off-grid switching. Stand-alone capacity 71~100kwh selectable, 280Ah LFP battery with high energy density, EMS intelligent control, modular design, reduce infrastructure cost.

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Model DH100F-71kWh DH100F-86kWh DH100F-100kWh
Battery system specification parameters
Battery LFP (280Ah)
Rated current 140A(0.5C)
System capacity 71kwh 86kwh 100kwh
AC specification parameters (on-grid/off-grid)
Rated power 35kW 40kW 50kW
AC rated current 60A 74A 86A
AC rated voltage 230/400V
Wiring method 3P+N+PE
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
PV access
Max. input power 25kW *2 30kW *2 35kW *2
Max. current 80A*2
Input voltage 300~1000V
MPPT paths 2
System specification
Dimension (W*D*H) 1200*1048*2258 mm (lifting ring not included)
Weight Approx. 1650kg(TBD)
Temperature -20~50℃
Ingress protection IP55
Anti-corrosion grade C3
Elevation 3000m(Derating above 2000m)
Cooling method Air cooling
EMS communications Ethernet/RS485/CAN/USB

All-in-one multifunctional integration, supporting  PV access, grid-to-off-grid switching, covering the whole scene of optical storage and diesel.

Highly Efficient and Flexible

It can be equipped with intelligent and efficient STS, and the off-grid switching time is less than 20ms;

Supports up to 12 units in parallel, expandable to 2.5MWh.

Ultimate Security

Preventative fire strategy with three-level detection, multiple extinguishing agents, and intelligent judgment by EMS