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Dyness devote ourselves to responsible engineering of the safest, greenest possible future for you and your family
About Dyness
Dyness is a global leading energy storage solution provider, owning three manufacturing centers in Taizhou and Suzhou in China. We have 550+employees, and a R&D team of 150+ people with more than 10 years experience in this industry, who has deep understanding for energy storage and global carbon neutrality.

Dyness owns more than 100 patents and many international certifications such as TUV, UL, CE, JET, CEC etc. Our products have been delivered to 100+ countries including Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia etc., serving more than 500,000 households worldwide.

Powered by cutting-edge technology and innovation, Dyness is committed to providing customers with intelligent energy solutions, maximizing the use of green energy and making positive contributions to global carbon neutrality.




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Our Honor & Awards
Dyness is honored with much appreciation worldwide, because of the outstanding product capabilities, strong technological competitiveness, and market advantages. 30+ awards from around the world, serving as guiding beacons that further inspire our growth.

Technology Strength

Dyness owns the professional team with top class experts in the battery storage industry. All products in our company are produced according to international standards, and passed TUV/ CE/ EN62619/ UL1973/ IEC62040 tests.
We also formed a joint laboratory with well-known domestic universities, focusing on power battery research and development. Our energy storage system stores excess power produced from solar in daytime, it can be used at night to increase greater energy self-sufficiency and security, or used at peak time to reduce household electric charges. Our battery is suitable for existing solar PV systems, also easy to be installed with new solar systems. Dyness devotes to responsible engineering of the safest and greenest future for you and your family.
We have launched our latest Battery Energy Storage System(BESS) Powerbox to Australia, South America, Africa, Europe with moderate price and top-class quality.

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