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Commercial Energy Storage Systems - Low Voltage

PowerRack LV1

Dyness 48V PowerRack LV1 system is designed for 50Ah modules with its smart BMS, no extra communication devices are needed. The entire system is intelligently managed, keeping you powered on all the time.

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PowerRack LV1
Rack Type PowerRack LV1-10P PowerRack LV1-16P
Battery Module Type B4850 B4850
Battery Module Quantity 10 units 16 units
Battery Type LFP LFP
Nominal Battery Energy 24kWh 38.4kWh
Nominal Capacity 500Ah 800Ah
Nominal Voltage 48V 48V
Operating Vol. Range 42-54V 42-54V
Nominal Power Output 12kW 19.2kW
Max. Power Output 24kW 38.4kW
Recommend Charging Current 250A 400A
Recommend Discharging Current 250A 400A
Net Weight 310kg 480kg
Module Quantity and Configuration 601*510*1290mm 601*510*1957mm
Dimension(W*D*H) 10 Units in paralle 16 Units in parallel