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Junior Box - DE

Junior Box has 1.6 kWh capacity per unit,Stackable module (Up to 4 batteries for 6.4 kWh) ensures continuous power supply to the home day and night for familiesof 3-5 members. 8000 charge cycles LiFePO4 batteries 15 years design life, 10 years warranty,and with an intelligent BMS (Battery Management System), it ensures balanced charging cycles

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Battery Type LiFePO4
System Energy 1.6kWh
Dimensions 420mm*283.5mm*245mm
Weight 18kg
Protection Level IP55
Cycle Life ≥8000 Cycles
Warranty 10 Years
Charging Temp.Range 0℃ to 55℃
Discharging Temp.Range -20℃ to 55℃
Communication RS485
Max.PV Input Power(W) 1200W
Max.Input Voltage(V) 65Vd.c.
MPPT Range(V) 18-60Vd.c.
Max.Input/Output Currrent(A) 30A
Max.Output(W) 800W
Expansion Method Stackable
Maximum Expansion Modules 4
Maximum expansion energy 6.4kWh

[1]:These data are based on average user scenarios of a balcony solar system in Germany: The electricity price is currently 0.40€/kWh, The annual electricity generation of Junior Box ESS is 876 kWh. 876 kWh × 90% self-consumption rate × 0.4€* per kWh = 315€

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