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Dyness in full swing at ASEW 2024


From 3-5 July, Dyness exhibited its world-famous multi-scenario energy solutions at Renewable Energy Thailand 2024. Held in Bangkok and attracting energy technology companies and professionals from around the world, Dyness' products on display not only demonstrated the company's continued pursuit of technological innovation, but also its exceptional competitiveness in the international energy storage market.

In this exhibition, Dyness mainly displayed its best-selling energy storage products, including Tower T10, a representative product of the Tower series for high-voltage household use, BX51100 battery module for low-voltage household use, and DH200F intelligent air-cooled all-in-one unit in the field of commercial and industrial energy storage. These products represent Dyness' cutting-edge innovations in energy storage and can be used in a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial applications for efficient energy storage and management.

The Tower series, which supports easy and efficient stacking. As the best-selling household storage product in the world, the Tower series is fully certified to ensure the highest level of operational safety, and has been on the market for five years with zero accidents. After a new generation of upgrades, a maximum of 12 units can be connected in parallel, achieving a system capacity increase from 7kWh to 252kWh, bringing more flexible choices to the market. The low-voltage household BX51100 battery module can be connected in parallel with up to 30 units, with ≥6000 charge/discharge cycles, which is economical and durable, and has a higher energy-efficiency ratio.

Dyness DH200F, All-In-One multi-functional integration, supports PV access, switching between grid and off-grid, covering the whole scenario of optical storage and firewood; modular design, flexible collocation, to meet the needs of different users; support for parallel connection of multiple machines, to meet the demand for higher power and capacity; can be applied in industrial parks, seaside hotels, optical storage intelligent charging integration and other scenarios. With the successful implementation of DH200F in many countries, Dyness has accumulated a wealth of practical experience in the project, and is able to provide the market with a more reliable and mature product application path.

As the world continues to pursue the goal of sustainable development, the development of energy storage and its applications has become the key to realising the green and low-carbon transition, and Dyness has established a good reputation in the global market through continuous innovation in technology and product upgrading. Currently, Dyness aims to help users effectively use and manage renewable energy and promote the optimisation of the global energy structure and green transition by providing efficient and reliable energy storage solutions for all scenarios.

As a Southeast Asian country with abundant solar energy resources, Thailand's solar energy market has great potential for development and plays an important role in the Southeast Asian market. Thailand's installed solar market size is expected to grow from 3.9GW in 2024 to 5.52GW by 2029, at a CAGR of 7.20% during the forecast period (2024-2029). In the long run, the government is further promoting the application of renewable energy in Thailand with specific actions such as feed-in tariffs and the release of the Alternative Energy Development Programme (AEDP), and energy storage, as one of the key supports for the development of new energy sources, is becoming a new momentum in the region.

Through this exhibition, Dyness demonstrated its strong technical strength and product advantages, successfully established its market influence in Southeast Asia, and expanded its cooperation opportunities with local and neighbouring markets. As the development of global clean energy transition continues to improve, Dyness will continue to provide customers with quality products and services, and work hand in hand with 90+ partners around the world, contributing more wisdom and strength to the global sustainable development.