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Commercial Energy Storage Systems - High Voltage


Modular design, can be pre-assembled, operation and maintenance is very simple, intelligent liquid-cooled temperature control, cluster-level temperature difference of 1.5 ℃, a cluster of one management string design, parallel capacitor loss is zero, three-stage fire + active emissions + explosion-proof design to ensure that the system is the ultimate in safety, the use of 375Ah high-energy density battery cell, 20-foot container up to 5MWh.

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Battery Technical Specifications
Battery Type LFP(LiFePO4)
Module Configuration 1P64S
PACK quantity 6 PACK* 11 clusters(single cluster management)
Battery Voltage Range 1075.2~1382.4
System Capacity 5MWh
System parameters
Dimensions(W*D*H) 6058*2438*2896mm
Weight 39t
Operating Temperature Range -20~55℃
Operating Humidity Range 5%~95%
IP Protection IP55
Anti-corrosion C5
Elevation 3000m(>2000m derating)
Cooling Method Smart Battery Liquid Cooling
Display Touchscreen
Fire Fighting Class 3 fire protection+active venting+explosion protection
Communication Port Ethernet
Standards GB/T36276、GB/T34131、IEC62619、IEC63056、IEC60730、EN61000-6-2/4、IEC62933、UL9540A