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Unleashing Power, How Dyness Plays A Role in German Energy Revolution Path


As the largest energy storage market in Europe, Germany has witnessed a 110% year-on-year growth in storage deployment in 2023, with around 3.3 GW of new capacity installed. It is estimated that more than half a million new solar storage systems were installed last year, bringing the total number of solar batteries to more than one million, with 12 GWh of usable electricity storage. In addition, according to the latest market survey by SolarPower Europe, the German market for large battery storage systems of more than 1 MWh in 2023 also showed considerable growth.

BSW believes that battery storage systems should be considered as the fourth pillar of the electricity system, complementing the other pillars (generation, grid, and consumption), because of their key role in enhancing the flexibility of the grid. At the same time, the trend towards greater self-sufficiency, higher energy prices, a need for power supply flexibility, also the expansion of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, is pushing the increase in storage development. At the highest growth rate of 40% in the household sector, about two million one-family households in Germany are expected to use an energy storage system by the end of 2024.

On April 26, 2024, the German parliament decided to pass Solar Package I, including significant improvements for solar and storage. For instance, the registration and operation procedure of balcony solar systems are simplified, and more flexibility is also provided for battery storage applications. With global market experience and deep insight into local market development and users' needs, Dyness has built a product matrix for full-scenario applications, and joins forces with local partners such as Kostal, Kaco, and SMA, to bring differentiated energy storage solutions and services for German users.

Among Dyness product line for the German market, the Junior Box is a balcony energy storage product featuring high safety and expandable capacity, and we also launched C&I storage system DH200F to feed the demands for businesses. There is also the Tower and Tower Pro series for residential using which should definitely not be overlooked.

The Tower Series is a stackable energy storage system with five energy options from 7.1 kWh to 21.31 kWh. The system adopts the most stable lithium iron phosphate as the cell material, with high safety and environmental-friendliness. Meanwhile, It can also be installed outdoors to meet different installation conditions. In addition, it owns UL9540A safety certification, which is one of the most authoritative and strictest safety standards for energy storage systems worldwide. Its real-time monitoring function also ensures the security of system operation. The Tower Series is therefore safe not only in terms of internal battery technology and external protection, but also in terms of its real-time monitoring function.

The Tower Series is also characterized by its flexible configuration, which means that up to 12 units can be connected in parallel with a capacity of up to 255.32 kWh, making it suitable for light commercial and industrial applications. The Tower Series is also compatible with leading inverter brands such as Kostal, Solis and Ingeteam, with the Tower T14 combined with the Kostal Plenticore Plus inverter achieving a system performance index of 94.2%, according to HTW Berlin's Energy Efficiency Inspection Report 2024.  In addition, the modular design and wireless connectivity improve installation efficiency and convenience. Each module is equipped with handles on both sides for easy handling and installation. The height-adjustable base also ensures smooth placement of the system, making it suitable for all installation environments.

Furthermore, the new release Tower Pro Series features better performance and use experience. For instance, the Tower Pro Series could realize a longer lifespan of 8000 cycles by optimizing cell balance, helping users save costs and reducing capacity recession anxiety. And, its 1C charging/discharge power can accelerate the charging speed to meet more usage scenarios and enable the system fully respond to system scheduling such as VPP.

Alongside a professional technical team, Dyness could provide timely support for users to ensure a good experience throughout the entire lifecycle. Dyness always puts customer priority in its brand vision, in order to provide energy storage solutions catering to market and customer needs. At the upcoming industry gathering Intersolar Europe 2024, join us and explore the state-of-art solutions of Dyness at Hall C2 Stand 350.

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