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SNEC Shanghai


Dyness Shines in 2019 SNEC

4-6 June,2019


Booth No.:E1.398






2019SNEC Smart Energy Leads New Directions in Energy Storage

On June 6,13th(2019)International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition and Conference was successfully concluded.The exhibition is co-sponsored by 24 international organizations and organizations.The exhibitors come from all over the world and are a world-renowned smart energy industry event.

In recent years,along with the development of the global renewable energy revolution,green and clean energy,represented by photovoltaics and energy storage,has gradually been accepted by the world.A series of products such as household energy storage and industrial energy storage have also been favored by users all over the world.Dyness-Jiangsu Daqin New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.is such a Chinese battery energy storage manufacturer that is popular among overseas customers.



Simplicity but not simple

In the past 2019 SNEC exhibition,Dyness launched the new high-voltage energy storage system-Tower.The product attracted the attention of many exhibitors with its simple and streamlined appearance.With modular design make sure easy and convenient operation.The design of the layer format is not only easy to maintained and flexible size options,but also makes the entire system feel with a business“temperament”.The system has built-in high-safety Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and high-efficiency BMS(battery management system),with 0~50°C ultra-wide ambient temperature for use,IP65 high protection level for indoor and outdoor applications.Together with 6000 cycles life,the long service life of Tower is guaranteed.The unrestrained space and time,combined with the unique design,make the whole product full of agile atmosphere.

Another product that is equally aesthetically pleasing and powerful is Powerbox.It is undoubtedly a star product in household energy storage.The use of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery,built-in protection device,high efficiency BMS,these are the perfect guarantee for the safe use of the product.Compact size and light weight,simple installation and easy maintenance make the original extremely cumbersome disassembly process internalized in the product and solved in the laboratory,make sure users to get a better experience.



Touch the world’s energy storage

As a rising star in the energy storage industry,Dyness has set its sights on the global market from the beginning.Frequent visits by overseas customers have also become a landscape of the Dyness booth during the show.Exhibitors from Australia,Kenya,South Africa,the Czech Republic,India,Malaysia,Israel,Japan and other countries have a strong interest in Dyness’s products.In this exhibition,more than 200 overseas customers were received,with a cumulative turnover of more than 2,000 units.Exquisite and durable products,wonderful and meticulous explanations,coupled with high cost performance,make Dyness extremely impressed in the world customer base.Providing more possibilities for the expansion of overseas markets.Similarly,the special needs of some customers in the multi-party communication with overseas customers have also provided new ideas for Dyness’s future research and development,and proposed a new direction.

In the 2019 SNEC exhibition Dyness is full of harvest,which will surely be the starting point of Dyness’s new journey.The company is committed to providing customers with excellent energy storage system design solutions and products,and become a leader in the new energy industry.