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Smart Energy 2021


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May 12, 2021

Booth No.: Booth- No.43

Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition starts  now!

The preparations are well in place for a fantastic conference today and tomorrow and thursday.

Join Dyness to find a full range of energy storage solutions!

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DYNESS Company

DYNESS is a high-tech company focusing on the research, development, and manufacturing of LFP (LiFePO4) energy storage solutions.

Currently DYNESS has two R&D centers and two production factories in CHINA. The R&D centers are set up in Xi'an city, Shanxi Province, and Yangzhou city, Jiangsu Province. Production factories are located in the two cities of Yangzhou and Taizhou, both in Jiangsu Province, in eastern China.

With strong R&D capability and production capacity, DYNESS has developed outstanding products in multiple energy storage fields and obtained a number of patents. All products of the company are produced in strict accordance with international standards, and have obtained CEC, CE, IEC, EMC, ROHS and other certificates.

Dyness products are used across Europe, Oceania, Africa, South America and Asia, enabling thousands of end users to achieve energy self-sufficiency and energy independence, as well as contributing to the world’s clean energy goals and providing notable relief to stressed energy grids.

Dyness battery solutions are unique.

CEC approved and qualified for solar battery schemes: Dyness battery are CEC approved and qualified for SA and VIC solar battery rebate scheme.

More inverter options: Dyness batteries are compatible with a wide range of hybrid inverters in the market. Including Goodwe Solis, Deye, Imeon, Growatt, Luxpower, Sofar, etc.

Premium design and easy installation: Dyness products offer a range of modular design, IP65, easy-installation solutions for on-grid & off-grid residential and commercial applications.

Market proven quality products: Dyness batteries are high-quality and great value products, which is reflected in the thousands of units sold globally in markets such as Europe, Brazil, Japan, and South Africa.

The new HV Tower battery solution: Dyness is launching the High-voltage battery system (200~700VDC) for the Australian and European markets.

Live Pictures from DYNESS booth at SMART ENERGY Expo Sydney Australia!