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Dyness in Smart Energy 2019

2-3 April,2019


Booth No.:2






Dyness’ESS solution shines at SMART ENERGY Expo Sydney Australia 2019,on April 2–3.

As the second showing after the Solar Show Africa early this year,DYESS exhibited its latest residential&commercial ESS,Powerbox F/Powercube F/DYNESS Rack System,that capacity can be expanded flexible for high modular embedding design and have been listed on the Clean Energy Council(CEC)list as the first batch energy storage system suppliers.

In 2018,DYNESS’s leading energy solutions led to over 12,500 sets battery shipments in Australia,Africa Europe and Asia supporting the world’s cleaner energy goals and alleviating stress on the grid.Notably,DYNESS committed to another 1GWhpower this year.So far,we ensure that we can do more.DYNESS set that“Everything the light touches is our kingdom.”

DYNESS,a vibrant rising star in the battery storage sector,cooperate with internationally renowned inverter supplier focus on the multiple product units in terms of high efficient PV&Energy Storage System solutions contributing to the application and innovation of clean energy of solar&battery worldwide,to deliver a clean power for all.

Live Pictures from DYNESS booth at SMART ENERGY Expo Sydney Australia!



We are ready for welcoming you to our May 15th DYNESS Intersolar Europe Show at Fairground Trade Center in Munich.

STOP BY booth B3.650D to learn more about how you can save expensive peak load costs with DYNESS Storage Systems.Read more:http://www.dyness-tech.com