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Shanghai Exhibition Review, Dyness Shines at SNEC


On November 1st, 2023 Shanghai SNEC exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Exploring the globalization development, Dyness, as a leading international energy storage technology enterprise, presented multi-scenarios and a full series of energy storage solutions at Booth E3-310 with the theme of "Integrate and Win Together". On the scene, Dyness also released its new industrial and commercial energy storage DH liquid-cooled products, which attracted extensive attention from the exhibitors.

Part1: Shining at the Exhibition, Rooted on Products

In the industrial and commercial energy storage exhibition area, with the "641" strategy as the core, we comprehensively displayed the DH series of air-cooled, liquid-cooled and containerized solutions for all scenarios.

Compared with traditional industrial and commercial energy storage products, Dyness liquid-cooled industrial and commercial storage products have been repeatedly polished and upgraded in multiple dimensions to perfectly present a more superior product experience on the basis of maintaining the excellent characteristics of the previous generation of DH air-cooled products.

In the residential storage exhibition area, Dyness, as a "global market-proven residential energy storage brand", displayed the low-voltage hot-selling products Powerbox Pro and TowerT10, both of which adopt modularized design. They are quick and easy to install and can be flexibly expanded.

Dyness products are dynamically adapted to 30+ of the world's leading inverter brands. Currently, Dyness products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions, and have served more than 300,000 households globally. Dyness has won many prestigious awards at home and abroad, and has established a good reputation and image in the global market.

Part2: New Product Debut, Technology-Oriented

In 2023, industrial and commercial energy storage ushered in a major outbreak due to multiple factors such as policy support, market emphasis, technology development, and improved profitability programs. According to the "2023 China industrial and commercial energy storage development white paper" data estimates that in 2023 the global industrial and commercial energy storage new installed capacity will reach 1.5GW; in 2025 the global industrial and commercial energy storage cumulative installed capacity is expected to 11.5GW.

In addition to the DH200F and PoweStone, which have been launched for the domestic market, Dyness has launched the DH series of liquid-cooled products, DH200Y and DH300Y, in response to the market trend. Based on the strong strategic leadership, in the case of effective product application, Dyness is able to provide the market with high-yield, high-capacity as well as high-security industrial and commercial energy storage solutions, leading the energy storage industry.

Take the liquid-cooled all-in-one DH300Y as an example, it has the following significant advantages:

High capacity: adopting 375Ah new type large battery cell, single cabinet up to 312kWh, low voltage side industrial and commercial energy storage products within 1000V, single cluster capacity is the first in the world;

High performance: intelligent refinement of liquid cooling temperature control, the average temperature rise of the battery reduced by 6 ℃, battery efficiency increased by 96%;

High protection: C5 anti-corrosion grade + Pack IP67 + PCS IP65;

Flexible expansion: single machine reserved expansion interface, flexible expansion capacity of 125-498KWh; maximum support for 10 machines in parallel, can be expanded to 3.1MWh;

In addition to the above product features, based on AI and intelligent digital monitoring platform, Dyness realizes real-time status monitoring of the energy storage system, proactive strategy optimization as well as fault diagnosis, remote operation and maintenance. At the same time, Dyness is also able to establish a full life cycle data model for batteries from production to use, so that each battery can be tracked and predicted in the long term.

Part3: Continuous Excitement and Highlights

The marketing and technical teams at the exhibition site provided professional and detailed explanations on the application, performance and personalized solutions of the products, and the customers highly recognized and praised Dyness products.

As Yang Liu, CEO of Dyness, said, "Over the years, we have always focused on the energy storage industry, and are committed to creating products that customers really need, providing services that satisfy customers, and creating a global brand with outstanding influence. We also firmly believe that through unremitting innovation and optimization, and the constant pursuit of extreme performance in all dimensions, we can step by step realize the vision of ‘making the marginal cost of new energy close to zero’. Through a number of innovative technologies and by redefining energy storage products according to scenarios and needs, we can bring more reliable, safer, and higher returns to owners, partners, and investors."

In the afternoon of November 1, Dyness officially held a signing ceremony for strategic market partners at the exhibition site; at 19:30 in the evening, we invited Yang Liu, CEO of Dyness, Xin Liu, head of domestic market, and Cheng Li, head of research and development of industrial and commercial storage, to witness the "DH Liquid-cooled Series New Product Release" of the industrial and commercial storage with many friends in the live broadcasting room.

In the afternoon of November 2, Dyness conducted a live broadcast through domestic and international online dual video platforms, leading global partners to watch the exhibition online.

While Dyness is based on its own development, we will also actively deepen the synergy with our partners, focus on user links, and create a healthy new industry in the energy storage industry.