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Dyness presents Junior Box, the latest balcony ESS, at IFA2023


On 1st September, the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin, Germany opened its doors, and Dyness, the world's leading energy storage technology company, presented its diversified solutions in the field of energy storage to the visitors, including Junior Box for balcony energy storage, E-Pearl for portable energy storage, and the best-selling Tower T series for household energy storage, among which Junior Box, a newly developed balcony energy storage system by Dyness, captured the attention of the exhibitors at the show. The Junior Box, a new balcony energy storage system developed by Dyness, was the centre of attention at the exhibition.

Junior Box is a Dyness PV storage system designed specifically for balconies, with a sleek, modern design that blends perfectly with the aesthetics of a modern balcony. Developed by Dyness in response to market demand, the Junior Box is a space-saving, home-inspired, clean energy solution for urban dwellers that offers a more holistic approach to energy generation and storage, with the core strengths of the Junior Box being its intelligence and functionality, which ensures that it offers users the best possible solution to generating and storing energy.

Gigantic capacity:

The Junior Box has a capacity of 1.6 kWh on its own and can be stacked up to 4 pieces (capacity of 6.4 kWh ), which allows it to continuously power a household of 3-5 people day and night. As a result, it can effectively store excess power during the day for use at night, further reducing the cost of home electricity usage.

Plug and play:

The Junior Box uses a standard MC4 connector, which is compatible with almost all balcony power generators on the market. This significantly reduces the difficulty and time of installing the system and makes it easier for users to operate and use.


The Junior Box is equipped with a remote monitoring function that allows users to monitor energy usage in real time through the Smart ESS App on their mobile phones, allowing them to control and adjust the system in a timely manner, maximising energy efficiency according to actual usage and achieving a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Junior Box integrates detachable MPPT and BMS modules for easy operation and maintenance. For those who have already installed a balcony PV system, it can be retrofitted with a simple operation without the need for drilling holes and complex adaptations, which makes it easy to install and maintain. For new installers, most of them will choose Junior Box+Microinverter+Panel combination, and Dyness can also provide them with diversified recommendations from Junior Box adapters, providing one-stop solution to ease the pressure of purchasing and selecting.

In addition, Dyness' high safety standards are also reflected in the Junior Box, with a high IP55 protection rating for stable and continuous operation under changing weather conditions. The product's intelligent BMS (Battery Management System) also ensures a balanced charging cycle and optimal heat dissipation, providing a strong guarantee for the Junior Box's efficiency and long life cycle.

Dyness' product marketing philosophy is to be guided by the needs of the user and to lead the development of its products through innovation. By participating in IFA Berlin 2023, Dyness has demonstrated to the market its unremitting efforts in the field of sustainable energy development through its diverse product portfolio and technological capabilities. In the future, Dyness will further promote the application of Junior Box, an innovative balcony energy storage system, to provide practical and aesthetic solutions for city dwellers, and to promote sustainable development in the future.