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Hua Ventures exclusive strategic investment, Dyness completed A round of financing


Recently, Jiangsu Daqin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiangsu Daqin, namely Dyness) completed the A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round of financing was exclusively strategically invested by Hua Ventures. In the future, Hua Ventures will help Jiangsu Daqin on the road to global carbon neutrality steadily and far.

Part1 about Hua Ventures

"Shenzhen Hengxin Huaye Equity Investment Fund Management Company Limited, referred to as "Hengxin Huaye" (namely Hua Ventures), founded in 2017. Hundsun Huaye has a business team withboth anindustrial background and financial vision, focusing on ICT track, with emphasis on information and communication technology, semiconductors, new materials, new energy and other fields. The core investment strategy is "technological innovation" and "localization replacement", with "VC investment" + "strategic cooperation The main focus is on "VC investment" + "strategic cooperation". As of August 2021, the fund's management scale reached RMB4.9 billion. Representative projects include Wuhan Vanguard (002194), Sirui Pu (688536), Naxin Micro (688052), Ruishi Chuangxin, BYD Semiconductor, Kegel Precision Machinery, etc.

The Hengxin Huaye team said:Compared with the construction of centralised power plants and high-voltage transmission and distribution lines, distributed energy can achieve lower costs, higher service reliability, higher power quality, higher energy efficiency and energy independence, while providing significant environmental benefits, and in the long term, the power system of distributed energy storage and distributed power generation will achieve a shift from centralised energy supply to centralised and The home storage system is an important part of distributed energy and will play an important role in building a new renewable energy system. The overseas home storage market is a hundred billion dollar market, and countries have frequently issued relevant policies to support the development of the home storage market, and a few domestic companies have established a clear first-mover advantage through the early layout of the product side and market side, especially at the current stage when the upstream supply chain continues to be tight and the downstream demand continues to explode, the advantage of the industry first-mover is more prominent. Since the launch of the first generation of home energy storage products in 2018, Jiangsu Daqin has upgraded and iterated its products several times, promoted its own brand in an orderly manner, continued to strengthen its R&D and production capacity, and has solid and profound overseas channel cooperation, and believes that with the efforts and leadership of the company's management team, the Dyness brand will eventually become a globally renowned brand in the energy storage industry."

Part2 About Dyness

Dyness founded in August 2017, focuses on the research, development, and production of overseas household and commercial energy storage products, and is one of the earliest companies in China to develop and layout the overseas energy storage market. Over the years, Dyness has always adhered to the strategic policy of market demand orientation, technology R&D drive, product quality priority, and adherence to its own brand, and has been cultivating the overseas domestic energy storage market for a long time.

The company's core team is composed of veterans of the lithium battery industry and power electronics industry, with deep experience in developing energy storage systems. Based on an in-depth and unique understanding of the product characteristics and application characteristics of lithium batteries, combined with SOC and SOH management core algorithms, the company has independentlydeveloped aleading BMS battery management technology, which maximizes battery life and ease of use on the basis of product safety. This has laid a solid foundation for the company's home energy storage products to be exported overseas.

At present, Dyness has more than 80 independent intellectual property rights, 3 overseas branches, and more than 80 global brand partners. The company insists on the value of "customer-oriented, people-oriented" and advocates the spirit of "struggle, truth-seeking, practical work and altruism".

LiuYang (ArronLiu), the founder of Dyness, said: "As one of the important paths to achieving carbon neutrality, the market demand and commercial value of home energy storage systems have been proven. Dyness has been deeply involved in the overseas energy storage market for many years. Through precise identification of market demand, utilizing its mature domestic supply chain system and talent team, it has been forward-looking in defining overseas household energy storage products for different regions and markets overseas, adhering to the development of its own brand, continuously expanding and enlarging the market, and finally achieving some results. In the future, the company will continue to focus on improving its R&D capability, product capability, and service capability, with the ultimate goal of building the Dyness brand into a globally renowned brand."

Through continuous optimization of energy storage products and improvement of customer service quality, the company's market share has been rapidly increasing and its brand influence has been strengthened.