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Harnessing the Light of Tomorrow to Drive Energy Innovation, Dyness SEA Brand Alliance Press Conference Concluded


On May 19th, local time, Dyness, in collaboration with Solis, JA Solar, and well-known local industry partner, held a joint brand press conference at the Conrad Hotel in Manila. Themed “Light of Tomorrow,” the event aimed to integrate the product technologies and market advantages of all parties to illuminate the opportunities for the development of energy storage business in the Philippines. The sales director of Dyness SEA, and relevant person in charge of Solis SEA, IAN Solar and JA Solar were all in attendance.

At this event, Dyness unveiled its high-voltage series of full-scenario energy storage solutions for the Philippine market for the first time. This series includes the BF100 DC battery system with capacities ranging from 71kWh to 100kWh, Stack100 and Stack280 stackable products. Designed for typical Southeast Asian scenarios, the series offers various installation options, both systemic and stackable, as well as diverse capacity choices to efficiently meet the needs of different application scenarios and customers.

Within this solution series, the BF100, as one of the core products, received high attention from attendees. In addition to being equipped with 280Ah cells and supporting a maximum rated voltage of 403V, the BF100’s safety measures and its intelligent EMS (Energy Management System) also garnered significant interest. The EMS of the BF100 is self-developed by Dyness, offering better ecological connectivity. In terms of reducing system energy consumption and improving charging and discharging efficiency, the BF100 has demonstrated high performance through actual testing and employs a three-level inspection and TMG proactive fire prevention strategy, effectively preventing fires even in the event of power outages.

Stack100 and Stack280 are stackable energy storage products designed for both residential and C&I applications, suitable for indoor installation environments. The Stack series is highly regarded due to its flexible capacity options. Stack100 supports a single system capacity from 15.36 to 76.8kWh and a maximum expansion of 921.6kWh in parallel. The Stack280 system offers a capacity range of 43 to 215kWh and can handle a maximum parallel capacity of 2580kWh. Additionally, both Stack100 and Stack280 feature the industry's first stacked built-in air duct thermal management system, ensuring enhanced safety for the applications.

Currently, Dyness has established a robust local service team in the Philippines. From offering professional pre-sales solutions to tracking the entire procurement process and providing timely responsive after-sales service team, Dyness ensures comprehensive support for its customers. With innovative and cutting-edge product solutions and a professional local team, Dyness is able to deliver true and effective value to customers in all aspects.

Dyness’s partner, Solis, also released its latest high-voltage three-phase energy storage inverter, the S6-EH3P (29.9-50) K-H, at the event. Both parties demonstrated and explained the joint use of this product with the BF100 on-site. Moreover, at the unveiling ceremony of the event’s partners, with the slogan of driving energy innovation, representatives from all four parties expressed their commitment to continuous mutual learning and collaboration to bring truly market-aligned and impactful high-efficiency solutions to the Philippines.

The sales director of Dyness SEA told the media present that the Philippines, as one of the key markets for Dyness in Southeast Asia, holds significant importance. She stated, “We are very proud to introduce high-voltage C&I full-scenario energy storage solutions to the Philippine market, further emphasizing our commitment to this market.” The successful launch of this series of products will start with Filipino enterprises and communities, bringing truly valuable energy storage solutions with tangible application efficiency and advantages to the people of the Philippines. “We hope to create a brighter and more sustainable path for everyone,” she added.

Adhering to the brand mission of driving digital energy development, reducing the cost of energy acquisition, and ultimately lowering the Earth’s temperature, Dyness has always been dedicated to the successful completion of its customers’ sustainable ventures. The global footprint, step by step, is the market achievement of Dyness in collaboration with over 90 global brand partners over nearly seven years. The successful hosting of the Philippine brand alliance event is not only a testament to Dyness’s ongoing deepening of global partnerships but also a reflection of its determination to cultivate the global energy storage business with local adaptations. Evolving without pause, Dyness will continue to achieve market success and a sustainable future globally with its relentless pursuit of innovative technology and solution capabilities.