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Expansion of solar energy boosts battery market


Battery energy storage has gained ground as battery prices decline. According to data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the price of lithium-ion batteries dropped by more than 75% between 2010 and 2018, making them the second cheapest technology in the global electricity sector.

Betting on the expansion of this market, the distributor Aldo Solar closed a distribution contract with Dyness , a company specialized in high-tech solutions for battery storage solutions, to distribute lithium-ion batteries.

For Aldo Pereira Teixeira, founder and president of Aldo Solar , the partnership signed boosts the solar energy market. “The distribution partnership with Dyness will expand the offering of lithium-ion battery energy storage systems and reinforces our commitment to always being ahead with the best partners and products. With increasingly accessible solutions, we want to offer consumers greater freedom and autonomy in the generation of solar energy in distributed generation, consolidating the realization of the dream of supporting the diversification of the electrical matrix of our country”.

For Allen Lei, global director of commercial relations at Dyness, the company has ambitious goals for Brazil. “We want to boost the storage market in the country, offering distributors and consumers economical alternatives for renewable energy storage with high quality solutions and system, training and high level after-sales service”.

Advantages of batteries

Batteries are used as a backup, either to enable consumption at peak times, to protect photovoltaic installations against surges and supply failures, or to store the generated energy, eliminating the need for connectivity in the electricity grid. They give consumers greater freedom and autonomy and contribute to the expansion of the participation of photovoltaic solar sources in the Brazilian electricity matrix.

Dyness is operating in the country through ION ENERGIA to support consumers and local partners, and organizes the opening of the Dyness Brasil subsidiary in the 1st half of this year, with a local team to support sales, after-sales and solutions.