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Dyness shines at Solar Storage & Live Philippines 2024


On May 20-21, 2024, the highly anticipated Solar Storage & Live Philippines 2024 was held at the SMX Convention Center in Manila. As the world's leading innovator of energy storage solutions, Dyness brought its full-scenario energy storage solutions to the Philippines in this exhibition, which became the focus of attention with its leading technology, stability and reliability, high efficiency and intelligence, and other advantages.

At the level of residential energy storage, Dyness highlighted its market-proven BX51100 and the world's best-selling DL5.0C battery module, which supports wall-mounted, floor-mounted, simple bracket-stacked, and RACK rack-mounted installations to meet a variety of installation space requirements.The DL5.0C battery module, 5.12 kWh per unit, supports a maximum discharge capacity of 1C, which can be adapted to more shock loads and high-power emergency power backup scenarios. At the same time, the DL5.0C supports a maximum of 50 parallel expansion without the need for additional communication converter box HUB for communication and parallel support, and its flexible expansion function has also attracted attention in the market. On this basis, the battery has a current limiting function. When the battery capacity of parallel modules is inconsistent, DL5.0C can realize internal intelligent intermittent charging to achieve self-balancing, supporting 0% and 100% power limit module mixing, providing more options for self-generated self-consumption and power backup of household distributed.

At the Philippine Brand Day, jointly organized by Dyness, Solis, JA Solar and well-known local companies, Dyness also launched the high-voltage outdoor air-cooled pure battery storage cabinet BF100 to the local market, which has become the main product in the field of industrial and commercial storage of Dyness, with its flexible capacity and multiple capacity options. The BF100, with a rated voltage of up to 403V, is equipped with Dyness' self-developed EMS energy management system, which effectively reduces system energy consumption and has multiple advantages, such as economy and reliability. The BF100 also utilizes a three-stage detection and TMG preventative fire protection strategy to ensure effective active fire suppression in the event of a power outage, making it ideal for installation in the island regions of the Philippines.

As a tropical island nation, the Philippines is also one of the richest regions in the world in terms of solar energy resources. But because the country's power infrastructure is relatively weak, many remote islands can not be connected to the grid, and natural disasters are frequent, energy storage has become its power supply market needs. According to the Philippine Energy Plan (2020-2040) issued by the country's Department of Energy, renewable energy will account for 35% of total power generation by 2030 and 50% by 2040. According to a news release from PV Magazine, the DOE said that 1.98GW of solar capacity will be connected to the grid this year as part of a 4.2GW renewable energy program that also includes 590MW of battery storage capacity as part of its goals.

Dyness offers a wide range of product solutions for the unique geography and market environment of South East Asia. The exhibition served as a bridge for Dyness to fully demonstrate its technological innovation in the field of energy storage and to further deepen its local market partnerships. In the future, Dyness will closely combine its own technology and brand advantages with local channel advantages to promote the layout of the Philippine and even Southeast Asian market to a deeper depth, and to promote the development and innovation of global renewable energy with an international perspective.