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Dyness Shines Again at Australia Smart Energy 2023!


From May 3rd to 4th, Dyness showcased multiple energy storage products once again at the 2023 Australia Smart Energy Expo and Forum held in Sydney, Australia.

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Smart Energy 2023 is Australia's leading exhibition for battery storage, solar energy, and smart energy. It holds an important position in Australia and the entire Asia-Pacific region. As a gold partner of the Smart Energy Council, Dyness has been invited to participate once again to discuss future solutions for solar and smart energy with industry experts, partners, and peers.


At the exhibition, many visitors were attracted to Dyness' simple and fresh booth and diverse products and came to visit and consult at the Dyness booth.

1. Powerbox Pro series

√ Compliant with European ROHS standards, certified by SGS, using non-toxic, non-polluting and environmentally friendly batteries.  

√ Equipped with BMS battery management system, it has better performance, and has protection functions such as over-discharge, over-charge,  over-current, and abnormal temperature.

√ Automatic ventilation design, less system noise.

√ Low battery self-discharge with up to 10-month charge life during storage.

√ No memory effect, so batteries can be charged and discharged shallowly.

2.Powerdepot H5B:


√ Self-management of charging and discharging, single-core balancing function.

√ Intelligent design, equipped with integrated detection module.

√ Flexible configuration, allowing multiple batteries to be connected in parallel for longer standby time.

√ The working environment temperature range is wide, -20℃~+55℃, and the product life and discharge performance are good under high temperatures.

√ Embedded design with smaller size, lighter weight, and high sealing level up to IP65, more convenient for installation and maintenance.

In addition to the above two models, Dyness's newly developed B4850A, DL3.6, Powerstone and the popular household storage star selection product Tower10, RV batteries VB4850 and RV12100 were also on display.

Solar energy storage battery

Powerstone is a new high-voltage series for outdoor commercial and industrial needs, with modular design, 1C charging and discharging, support for multiple cabinets in parallel, scalable up to 1MWh, simple installation, can match external inverters, a wide range of application scenarios, such as industrial parks, shopping malls, buildings, hotels, charging stations, areas without electricity, etc., off-grid can be used.


Australia has good soil for the development of household energy storage, and there is still huge room for growth in the future.

The level of light resources in Australia ranks first in the world. The rate of house ownership and single-family houses is relatively high. The land is sparsely populated. Electricity mainly relies on long-distance transmission, and electricity prices have continued to rise in recent years. With the blessing of many favorable factors, the distributed energy in this region has been vigorously developed. The new projects announced and committed in the second half of 2022 will exceed 4 GW/10 GWh.


According to BNEF's forecast, by 2031, the energy storage capacity of the Australian energy storage market will reach 23GW/52GWh, an increase of 32% and 25% respectively compared with its second and third quarter forecasts. This growth was driven by a substantial increase in the project pipeline of grid-scale projects in Australia. The new government's accelerated shift to renewable energy has increased grid balancing requirements driving demand for grid-scale storage. High wholesale and retail tariffs continue to make distributed solar-plus-storage attractive.

Australian household savings demand remains strong, able to strengthen its position as the region's largest residential market.

Sources:BNEF"The latest outlook on the global energy storage market"

The new Powerstone commercial and industrial products launched by Dyness at the exhibition coincide with the trend in Australia to adjust market entry rules to allow demand response for commercial and industrial to enter the wholesale electricity market.


In order to deepen local services and enhance operational capabilities, Dyness established a subsidiary in Australia in 2022 and conducted in-depth cooperation with the local energy authority, Smart Energy Council, in promoting and applying clean energy in Australia, thereby improving local electricity reliability.


Australia is an important target market for Dyness, and through this Smart Energy exhibition, Dyness has gained a deeper understanding of the technological trends and industry developments in energy storage, which has strengthened its confidence in cultivating the Australian market.

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In the future, with the dual driving force of Dyness, it can better grasp the local energy transformation opportunities and work with partners to promote the rapid transition to renewable energy in Australia, maximize energy utilization, and create more value and benefits for our customers!