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Dyness Powers Sustainable Transition of Italian Businesses


According to PV Magazine, there is a 41% increase in visitors and about 30% growth in the number of participating brands in the KEY Energy Show this year, which underscores the growth of the Italian solar market. By now, this show has become Europe’s second-largest solar event after Germany's Intersolar. It is reported that the growing interest in products aimed at the commercial and industrial (C&I) segment was the most frequently mentioned topic during this event.

In 2023, 287,706 storage systems were installed in Italy and this figure marks an 89% growth compared to 2022, according to Italia Solare's data. Furthermore, Mauro Moroni, the co-coordinator of the Storage and Hydrogen working group of Italia Solare, pointed out that storage systems are becoming an increasingly integral part of Italian electricity infrastructure and 2024 will be the year of the start of the storage market in the commercial and industrial segment. Market figures in early 2024 exactly corroborate his claim. PV plants with power between 20 and 200 kW connected in January and February 2024 recorded an increase of 131%, while installations with a size between 200 kW and 1 MW reached +104%, indicating the strong growth of PV also storage in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Image Source: Solare B2B

In March this year, Italy issued Legislative Decree No. 39, which contains Transition Plan 5.0, a programme aimed at encouraging the digital and green transformation of Italian businesses by offering tax breaks to companies that carry out measures including energy storage applications to reduce their energy consumption in 2024 and 2025. This will further boost the Italian commercial and industrial energy storage market.

Dyness, the global pioneering energy storage solutions innovator, with its 7 years of market experience and a globalized layout, has brought safe and reliable energy storage products to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Relying on long-standing technological advantages, Dyness has also launched a product matrix that meets the needs of different scenarios, including low-voltage household storage batteries such as A48100 and B4850, high-voltage household storage batteries Tower Series, balcony energy storage systems, Junior Box, and C&I energy storage system DH200F.

DH200F is an All-In-One solution with a fully integrated design, perfectly adapting to the needs of multi-point distributed grid connection and applications with various strategies. It integrates core modules such as the battery, PCS, BMS and EMS, which maximize space utilization and minimize installation costs. At the same time, DH200F can be connected in parallel with multiple systems and its capacity can be expanded up to MW level, so that it can satisfy the demand for electricity in various scenarios with limited space. In addition, one of the highlights of DH200F is its flexible configuration, which provides differentiated options such as PV access, and seamless switching between grid and off-grid through STS hardware, according to different usage scenarios and needs. It can be widely used in commercial and industrial scenarios such as charging stations, industrial parks, and shopping malls, providing business owners or landlords with functions such as peak shaving and valley filling, demand response for grid scheduling, and power backup services to reduce their expenses on the rising electricity price in Italy and increase off-grid power self-sufficiency.

Italy has put in place a series of measures to incentivize sustainable business transformation and is promoting the creation of energy communities. Energy storage systems are an indispensable part of this, balancing the demand on the grid, providing a stable and reliable backup power source, and saving money for businesses. Dyness has already installed DH200F energy storage projects in many European countries. For example, in the Canary Islands of Spain, DH200F provides a stable source of electricity for a supermarket; in Greece, DH200F serves as a backup power source for a client's office space, which helps its green transformation; and in the Netherlands, DH200F helps a bowling club to achieve peak shaving and peak filling, which reduces the economic cost and carbon emission at the same time.

Relying on innovative energy storage technology and leading research and development strength, Dyness will empower energy storage system solutions with digital intelligence, provide superior services for customers with localized teams, and work with global partners to achieve the development of the global sustainable business, to reduce the earth's temperature and realize a green future.

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