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Dyness Honored with the Top 100 Brands in China's Energy Storage


Dyness Honored with the Top 100 Brands in China's Energy Storage

On March 29, 2024, the 6th Energy Storage Carnival and the launch ceremony of the 2023 Global Shipment Ranking of China's Energy Storage Enterprises, organized by the EESA, officially commenced. During this conference, the EESA officially released its "2024 China's Top 100 New Energy Storage Brands" list, with Dyness among the ranks.

As a leading platform for resource integration in the field of energy storage in China, the EESA initiated the evaluation process for this award in December 2023. After undergoing objective and impartial research determination, as well as public online voting, Dyness emerged as a recipient of this award through strong support from industry experts and the general public. This recognition highlights the company's continuous deepening of technological capabilities and its significant industry influence. As a global pioneer in energy storage solutions, Dyness' achievement of this award after nearly seven years of market cultivation demonstrates the unanimous affirmation from society, the industry, and the public.

Established in August 2017, Dyness has since launched comprehensive smart energy storage solutions for various scenarios, including commercial and residential energy storage. Starting with residential energy storage overseas, Dyness has expanded its presence to over 100 countries and regions worldwide, collaborating with more than 90 global partners and establishing a strong market influence in various countries.

To date, Dyness has introduced more than ten best-selling residential energy storage products, including the Tower series, Orion, and DL5.0C. Its product strength has been highly recognized in the industry. In early 2024, Tower T14, representing the Tower series, achieved a remarkable 94.2% system performance index in the energy efficiency evaluation report published by the renowned German academic institution HTW Berlin. The recently developed balcony energy storage product, Junior Box, also received the prestigious 2024 iF International Design Award, showcasing its cutting-edge functionality and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, Dyness has received the Top Brand PV award from the globally renowned industry organization EUPD for three consecutive times, affirming its market core competitiveness. The multiple accolades from various sources and markets continue to drive the deepening implementation of Dyness' global strategy.

In 2023, Dyness began to develop the C&I Energy Storage market in China with its intelligent air-cooled integrated "All-In-One" product, DH200F, leveraging years of energy storage market experience and proven product safety standards.

Following the completion of Series B and C financing in July 2023, Liu Yang, Chairman and CEO of Dyness, expressed the company's commitment to increase investment in the research and development of new energy storage technologies and solutions, accelerating the expansion of its commercial energy storage product line and ecological product line. In just one year, Dyness has developed a new series of liquid-cooled commercial energy storage products, such as DH300Y with a large capacity of 375Ah and DH200Y with a mainstream capacity of 280Ah. The rapid iteration of products and continuous technological advancements in commercial energy storage solutions demonstrate Dyness' strategic "weapon" for the domestic market.

Receiving the accolade of being one of China's Top 100 Renewable Energy Storage Brands marks another milestone for Dyness, following its global breakthroughs. As one of the many pioneers in the global energy storage market, Dyness will continue to collaborate with global market partners, delivering tangible contributions to addressing the global challenges of power supply and energy storage. With evolving technological innovation capabilities and an updated and superior diversified product portfolio, Dyness actively promotes the deepened development of global sustainable initiatives while serving over 300,000 customers worldwide.