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Greece, the emerging energy storage market, has become one of the most promising markets in Europe, thanks to its superior location and powerful incentive policies. The government set an ambitious energy storage goal that the battery storage deployment will reach 3.1 GW by 2030 according to the latest revision of the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), to reduce the heavy reliance on fossil gas with high price volatility.

Since May 2023, Greece has introduced a series of support schemes for the purchase and installation of "solar + storage" systems up to 10.8 kW. Against this background, Greek households and farmers can take advantage of this policy to cover the investment costs of their PV and energy storage systems with up to a 100% or 90% subsidy of the total cost of an energy storage system.

Wood Mackenzie estimated that Greece's energy storage market will reach 3.4 GW by 2032 and the distributed storage capacity is expected to reach 0.6 GW by 2032. In addition, several research institutes have pointed out that Greece is one of the most attractive energy storage markets in Europe, with strong growth momentum and great potential to drive Europe's decarbonization.

Dyness has been working on the Greek market for a long time, based on its market foresight and global market practice. With deep insight into the needs of Greek users and the characteristics of the local market, Dyness has launched a series of innovative energy storage solutions, including the high-voltage residential energy storage product Tower Series.

Tower Series is a stackable energy storage system with five energy options from 7.1 kWh to 21.31 kWh. A family of four in Greece uses about 10 kWh of electricity per day, so this system is perfect for local household needs and covers a wide range of electricity scenarios. The system adopts the most stable lithium iron phosphate as the cell material, with high safety and environmental-friendliness. Meanwhile, It can also be installed outdoors to meet different installation conditions. In addition, it owns UL9540A safety certification, which is one of the most authoritative and strictest safety standards for energy storage systems worldwide. Its real-time monitoring function also ensures the security of system operation. Therefore, the safety of the Tower series is guaranteed, not only in terms of internal cell technology and external protection, but also in real-time monitoring function. The addition of the international authoritative certificate of UL9540A further emphasizes the ultimate safety of the system, significantly reducing the security risks.

Tower Series also features configuration flexibility, which means that the system could be paralleled up to 12 units, reaching a capacity of 255.32 kWh suitable for light C&I applications. Moreover, Tower Series could match with leading inverter brands, such as Kostal, Solis and Ingeteam, among which the combination of Tower T14 and Kostal Plenticore Plus inverter reaches a remarkable 94.2% system performance index, ensuring the high efficiency of system running. Additionally, its modular design and wireless connection enhance installation efficiency and convenience. Each module is equipped with handles on both sides for easy handling and friendly installation. The height-adjustable base also ensures a smooth placement of the system to make it suitable for a wide range of installation environments.

By now, Tower Series has been on the market for 5 years and has served over 3,0000 families with a hardware failure rate of almost 0, saving maintenance costs for users and demonstrating high system reliability and durability.

Dyness is committed to the development of the energy storage market and energy transition of Greece with instant optimization and innovation. At the upcoming VERDE.TEC 2024, Dyness will bring the latest energy storage solutions to the Greek market. Stay tuned and join in the global zero-carbon journey with us!