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Dyness was named by Energy Business Review, a U.S. industry media as one of the "Top 5 Battery Manufacturing Solution Providers in China by 2023"


Recently, Dyness has been recognized as one of the "Top 5 Battery Manufacturing Solution Providers in China by 2023" by Energy Business Review, a US-based media company, for its positive contribution to the promotion of sustainable development and the achievement of carbon neutrality. At the same time, Dyness CEO and Founder Yang Liu was interviewed by the media, expressing his personal views on the company's development and industry trends.


After years of plowing into the new energy industry, the worsening energy crisis and the ever-increasing burden of household electricity bills have made Mr. Liu keenly aware of the market's urgent need for energy storage solutions. We are committed to providing digital smart energy solutions globally, optimizing the use of green energy and contributing to the global goal of carbon neutrality," said Mr Liu. Customer-centredness has always been the greatest motivation for Dyness to keep moving forward, and we have been seeking the common survival law of human destiny in continuous development and innovation."

In order to provide users with more superior solutions, so that they can enjoy the convenience and reliability of our products while having a positive impact on the environment. Dyness continues to make technological innovations and apply new technologies to its products.

In the field of household storage, Dyness has independently developed the most advanced BMS battery management and module management DC/DC system. The system enables module-level management, improves safety, extends battery life, and reduces operating costs for household products.

In the industrial and commercial sectors, Dyness can provide comprehensive energy storage system solutions integrating battery modules, cooling systems, fire protection systems and EMS management. In the market, it stands out among many energy storage manufacturers with its excellent product performance and perfect service system. The products of Daxin Digital Energy have passed various quality and safety certificates, and have obtained international safety and quality certificates such as CE, UL, TUV and JET.

Dyness puts high-quality customer service in the first place and has established professional sales teams and after-sales service teams in 6 overseas countries. The company has upgraded its Tower series products in a timely manner according to customers' expansion needs, adding independent optional APP real-time monitoring and remote upgrade functions to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.

In addition, Dyness has significantly increased its R&D investment to meet the challenge of limited compatibility with existing inverter brands. This strategic layout enhances the broad applicability and ease of use of Dyness products, with about 30 inverter brands available globally that can be matched with Dyness products to provide customers with a diverse range of energy storage solutions.This improvement enables the Company to provide customers with diversified energy storage solutions and products with flexible configurations.

Dyness will adhere to the common vision of "making tomorrow better", persistently pursue innovation, bravely shoulder corporate social responsibility, and make the concept of sustainable development deeply rooted in people's hearts.