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Dyness debuts at RE+ 2022 with new product Orion


Introduction: On September 19, 2022, the 19th North American Smart Energy Week and International Solar Energy Exhibition and International Energy Storage Exhibition (RE+ 2022) grandly opened at the Anaheim Convention and Exhibition Center in California, USA. Dyness showed up with its new high-voltage battery system Orion and a number of star products, and it was brilliant during the exhibition.

Part 1 March into North America shines Show Review

RE+ is currently the largest professional exhibition and trade fair in the solar energy and energy storage industry in North America and even in the world, and it is also one of the most successful and influential international exhibitions in the industry. As a globally influential provider of lithium battery energy storage products, Dyness brings to the North American market high-voltage energy storage products, household low-voltage energy storage products and RV batteries developed based on the latest technology for multiple application scenarios.

Part 2 The new product Orion series is shockingly launched

Dyness Orion series is a new wall-mounted high-voltage lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery energy storage system for household use. The battery is modularly designed and flexible to increase or decrease. It can provide three energy storage batteries with different capacities, which can protect customers' various energy demand. The battery module adds a breathing light, supports black and white customization, IP65 protection level, helps customers achieve power self-sufficiency, and can provide a variety of system combinations and wall-mounted layouts. The added advantages of these products made the Orion series products very popular once they were unveiled.

In addition, it supports 5 parallel expansion, IP65 protection level, flexible increase or decrease of internal modules, supports wall-mounted Powerbox and supports multi-cluster parallel connection, module connector connection does not require wiring, and the star product Tower T10 is also easy to install. Appearing on the exhibition site, it attracted many customers to come to the booth to stop and discuss.


Dyness also launched new RV12200 and VB4850 RV batteries tailored for outdoor travel. RV12200 adopts LFP instead of lead-acid technology, and can connect up to 8 units in parallel. It integrates the advantages of high capacity, compact design, easy installation and configuration, and good temperature resistance and stability. Another VB4850, specially designed and manufactured for complex outdoor application scenarios, can adapt to changing weather and temperature, with higher safety performance and longer cycle life, it is one of the best batteries for deep cycle. Both RV batteries can be used in recreational vehicles, solar panel applications and boats, as well as in airports, medical facilities and locations where deep cycle batteries are required.

Part 3 U. S. market prospect analysis

The United States has set goals to achieve carbon-free power generation by 2035 and carbon neutrality by 2050. In the context of global carbon neutrality, it is imperative for the United States to reduce carbon emissions and accelerate energy transition. The state governments have also successively proposed 100% renewable energy plans, requiring that between 2030 and 2050, gradually achieve 100% clean energy power generation. In order to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, the United States has accelerated the electrification plan and promoted renewable energy to become the main power generation. According to EIA statistics, in 2020, the United States will add 12.3GW of photovoltaic installed capacity, which still achieves the largest capacity increase in history under the influence of the epidemic.

According to SEIA statistics, a total of 3.1 GW of new residential and community photovoltaic installed capacity in the United States will be installed in 2020, and it will reach 5.4 GW in 2025; the proportion of new residential photovoltaic installed capacity equipped with energy storage will increase from 3.9% in 2019 to 24% in 2025. It is estimated that in 2025, the newly installed capacity of energy storage equipment among the newly installed household photovoltaic + energy storage will reach 3.34GWh, and the overall household energy storage capacity space will reach 11.2GWh; the newly installed photovoltaic capacity among industrial and commercial users will be 1.43GW in 2020. In 2025, it will increase to 2.15GW, and the new energy storage capacity on the industrial and commercial user side will be 16.3GWh.

Based on the above estimates of the market space, they predict that the US energy storage market will usher in a rapid expansion stage in the next five years. The compound annual growth rate is 37.5%.

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Part 4 Dyness stabilizes the North American market

Since the establishment of the company in 2017, Dyness has taken one step at a time. With its strong R&D and production capacity and excellent service quality, Dyness has developed excellent products in many energy storage fields, and has obtained a number of patents. The group has accumulated influence and reputation. At the RE+ exhibition, Dyness first appeared, and it set a good start for the Dyness brand to be rooted in the North American market.

The future can be expected. I believe that with Dyness's unremitting efforts and the support of our customers, Dyness will live up to expectations and climb to a new height!