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Dyness Contributes to Higher Education with Innovative Energy Storage Technology


According to solar data provider Solargi, global solar irradiance remained relatively stable in 2023 and even increased in some regions, despite record-breaking temperatures and extreme weather events triggered by global climate change and the El Niño phenomenon. Southeast Asia, for example, experienced above-average solar irradiance exceeding the long-term averages by 10% last year.

The Philippines is blessed with solar energy resources in the tropics, with plenty of light all year round. The government has also set an ambitious clean energy target of achieving a 35% share of renewable energy in the country’s power generation mix by 2030. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the president of the Philippines, pointed out, "BESS technology will support our goal of generating 35% of our total energy requirements from renewables by 2030". This instills confidence in the development of the Philippine PV and energy storage market.

In Quezon City, Philippines, there is an institution of higher education known for providing modern technical and functional education, Bestlink College of the Philippines, which offers Bachelor's Degree programs in the fields of Information Technology, Business Management, Elementary and Secondary Education, etc. The college also has a high school education qualification. It currently has over 30,000 students and facilities such as academic buildings, libraries, and a mock hotel. With such a huge demand for electricity supply in personnel and building facilities, the abundant solar energy resources in the Philippines have made the college's green transformation possible.

In 2023, Dyness and local partner Photonergy created an energy storage project for this college. With a total capacity of 122.88 kWh, this project consists of 24 units DL5.0C batteries in parallel and 6 Luxpower inverters. The installation of this energy storage system enables the college to realize power self-generation, self-consumption, and electricity bill reduction. At the same time, this project also empowers the Zero-Emission transition of Bestlink College of the Philippines.

Why was DL5.0C chosen for this project? Our partners gave their answers.

The DL5.0C is a 5.12 kWh battery that not only is suitable for the needs of a typical household but also supports efficient parallel connection with up to 50 units. Once there are expansion needs for high-consumption application scenarios, this modular product could be expanded up to 256kWh, which perfectly caters to the daily electricity consumption of the college.

In addition, the 1C charge/discharge ratio and 95% depth of discharge of the DL5.0C ensure high system efficiency and capacity utilization of this project, providing reliable and efficient backup power for facilities in Bestlink College of the Philippines. The DL5.0C adopts a lightweight design and supports various installation methods such as wall-mounting, floor-mounting, and stacking installation. In particular, the wall-mounting method saves most of the installation space for this project, with no need for carving out a special land.

At the same time, its LFP cell technology and real-time battery status monitoring ensure the high safety of this project, and the remote program upgrade function facilitates its easy maintenance. Furthermore, Photonergy also mentioned that Dyness's excellent technical support team made it possible for this project to run smoothly, which is also one of the reasons they chose to cooperate with Dyness.

Dyness is enabling green power to feed higher education by bringing energy storage technology to college campuses. As the only liberal energy market in ASEAN and one of the most attractive emerging markets for renewable energy, the Philippine energy storage market has great growth potential for the future. As a dark horse in the Southeast Asian energy storage market, Dyness has been honored for nearly 7 years of international experience in the industry. With rich international certifications and strong support from over 100 global partners, Dyness will also continue to optimize its technology according to local demands to make clean energy benefit everyone on the planet.

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