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Dyness at Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024 to promote sustainable development in South Africa


The highly anticipated Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024 was held at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa from 18th - 20th March. Following The Solar Show Africa 2024, Dyness returned to South Africa to showcase cutting-edge energy storage technologies and innovations, and to explore the new convergence between low-carbon innovations and renewable energy solutions.

As one of the largest solar exhibitions in South Africa, The Solar Show South Africa 2024 gathered many internationally renowned companies in the new energy industry to build an integrated platform for cooperation between exhibitors and local users. The Dyness booth was designed with the concept of "simplicity, technology and environmental protection", displaying key exhibits in the form of comprehensive energy solutions, integrating a sense of science and technology while injecting low-carbon and environmentally friendly aesthetics, and perfectly presenting Dyness's comprehensive strength in the field of photovoltaic storage.

Diversified Products, Perfectly Matching the Needs of South Africa

In this exhibition, Dyness focuses on low-voltage household storage products such as Powerxox Pro and DL5.0C, displaying diversified products and solutions around the three major application scenarios of household, industrial and commercial and portable energy storage, responding to the needs of customers in the South African market, and realising one-stop and convenient services.

The Powerbox Pro is Dyness' world-renowned best-selling product, with deep-cycle and high-capacity, featuring higher safety, longer service life and superior user experience. With a certified IP65 protection level, it can be installed indoors or outdoors.

The DL5.0C is designed to deliver up to 10 kWh of power from a single unit, and up to 5 units can be connected in parallel to meet the daily needs of a household.

The DL5.0C supports real-time battery status monitoring and remote programme upgrades, making it easy to maintain and reducing user expenses. With a 10-year warranty, it eliminates worries about the product's lifespan and operating cycle. In addition, up to 50 units can be connected in parallel to reach a system capacity of 256kWh, providing a stable and reliable power supply for homes, factories, farms and other small-scale industrial and commercial scenarios.

Continuous Innovation for Green Energy Development

South Africa's development of renewable energy is based on the realities of the population's immediate need for electricity, rather than a vision of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Load shedding has become the norm in South Africa in recent years. In order to alleviate the immediate power crisis, the South African government has announced that national electricity prices will increase by 18.56% and 12.74% in 2023 and 2024 respectively, in order to save residents' electricity consumption, and in order to encourage the construction of distributed power generation facilities, the government has issued two photovoltaic tax subsidies totalling up to 4 billion Rand (approximately US$210 million).

Dyness is tapping into South Africa's energy needs to help it become more energy efficient. Due to the unreliability of the country's public grid, South Africa has one of the largest per capita standby generators in Africa as a back-up power source during power outages. Dyness' air-cooled all-in-one, All-In-One, multi-functional integration, supports photovoltaic (PV) access, and off-grid switching to cover all scenarios of photovoltaic storage and diesel fuel. For companies that already have diesel generators, using the DH200F will greatly reduce their energy costs and ensure energy security.

With its high quality products and comprehensive support services, Dyness has gained high brand recognition in South Africa. 2023, Dyness was also recognised as one of the best battery brands in South Africa to fight against power constraints by South Africa's largest ICT news website, MyBroadband, and as a "Top PV Brand" by EUPD Research, an authoritative research institute in the industry.

Sustainable future through action and action

As a key player in the South African market, Dyness will continue to stay close to the market and user needs, and work with industry customers and partners to provide innovative new energy products and solutions to South Africa and other regions around the world, empowering the local development and global energy transition, and working together for a sustainable energy future.

We invite you to visit Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024 at Hall 3-BH10 and see you there!