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Dyness at CESC 2023 Nanjing, China


On June 14, 2023, the three-day CESC2023 China (Jiangsu) International Energy Storage Conference was grandly opened in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. As the world's leading home energy storage company, Daqin New Energy was officially invited to appear at booth 4A11-1 and was named one of the "Top 10 New Energy Storage Technology Innovation Companies in China's Energy Storage Industry in 2023".


Showing glory and strength
CESC2023 China (Jiangsu) International Energy Storage Conference is organized by Jiangsu Energy Storage Industry Association, with the theme of "Powering Double Carbon, Energy Storage Future", covering the whole industry chain of energy storage upstream, midstream and downstream, breaking the industrial barriers and helping the diversification, industrialization and scale development of new energy storage.

Intelligent and light storage, digital empowerment. The energy storage industry is facing huge market development potential and wider application scenarios. As a top international company focusing on the development of energy storage, Daqin New Energy participated in the event with its best-selling products Powerbox Pro, Tower T10 and DL5.0C, as well as the newly launched industrial and commercial products DH200F and Rack System HV4.


With a capacity of 10.24KWh and 200Ah, Powerbox Pro is highly efficient and can meet household electricity demand, which is very popular in overseas markets.

DH200F is the new outdoor industrial and commercial product of Dyness, which has attracted enthusiastic response with its excellent performance upon its launch.

1. Support minimal installation: standard containerized parallel cabinet design, parallel cabinet installation in factory, integral transportation, unique interface, 50% lower installation cost.

2. Equal area, double capacity: support stacked installation, less area, cluster control capacity can be expanded from KWh to MWh.

3. 0 Parallel capacity loss: equal flow, no loop current, extended battery life, availability >99.9%.

Super popularity, highly popular
In addition to the extraordinary strength of the exhibits, the rich activities at the Daqin New Energy booth also attracted many visitors to stop by. There were exciting interactive sessions such as carousel raffle, punch card delivery goodies, etc. The thoughtful and chic small gifts triggered waves of visitors to come and watch.


"PV Box", a well-known new media in the PV industry, interviewed Mr. Han Kaiyi, sales manager of Daqin New Energy, and the two sides had an in-depth exchange on the energy storage market, Dyness' strength and the company's future development strategy.


Han Kaiyi said: "Daqin New Energy currently owns more than 90 independent intellectual property rights, and has a technical team of more than 150 people at the R&D end with industry-renowned technical experts as subject leaders, and has established a complete laboratory for electrochemical energy storage technology and system integration technology. Based on a deep and unique understanding of the product characteristics and application characteristics of lithium batteries, we have independently developed an integrated industrial and commercial energy storage system solution with battery modules, cooling systems, fire protection systems and EMS management.

Our industrial and commercial industry has four distinctive features: 1 is modular design (easy to maintain and install), 2 is widely applied (can cover the full range of needs in the commercial sector), 3 is scalable (can be freely configured with multiple cabinets for larger capacity and support stacked installation), 4 is safe and efficient (lithium iron phosphate, intelligent BMS management system to ensure long battery life and safer operation)."

At present, China's policy in the user-side energy storage to encourage the main, Europe, the United States, Australia and other places for the user of energy storage subsidies policy has been introduced, for the rapid development of user-side energy storage to provide strong support.

The application scenarios of energy storage in industry and commerce include not only common emergency power backup, but also peak-to-valley arbitrage, peak-shaving, demand-side response, and integration of light storage and charging. The new product DH200F developed by Daqin New Energy can achieve full scenario coverage for industry and commerce such as zero carbon smart park, high energy consumption industry, data center, rural grid, optical storage charging station and micro grid.

In the future, Daqin New Energy is confident about the promotion and application of industrial and commercial energy storage products in the domestic market.

Strong reputation, honor plus
On June 14th, Dyness witnessed the birth of the honor together with the industry colleagues at the award ceremony of "2023 China Top 10 Energy Storage Industry Brands". With its strong comprehensive strength, Dyness was honored as one of the "Top 10 New Energy Storage Technology Innovation Enterprises in China 2023".


This award, with "brand" as the core, aims to reflect the most influential companies in China's energy storage industry brand more comprehensively and authoritatively. The award is not only a commendation and incentive for the company's strength, but also an authoritative recognition of the company's brand influence in the field of energy storage.


As a locally born energy storage company, Daqin Xinergy has been highly concerned about the development of the domestic market, and our business on the domestic user side is currently developing rapidly. Daqin New Energy will continue to play the role of industry benchmark, enhance the key core technology research and independent innovation capabilities, and spread the positive energy of the industry!