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Dyness at All Energy 2019


All-Energy Australia 2019, All-Energy Australia 2019, Australia’s largest and most comprehensive clean and renewable energy event, was run from 23-24 October 2019 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Australian market is an important part of Dyness' overseas market, and Dyness has selected a variety of high-performance products to welcome global users and partners at the booth HH127.


Amongst the many exhibits, the most noteworthy was the floor-standing stacked Tower series, it’s the first high-voltage storage battery for residential use developed and produced by Dyness in June this year. Tower series is modular design, tailored for larger residences, combining practicality and aesthetics. The series is designed with internal wiring (wireless connection) and the batteries are equipped with adaptive BDUs for easy installation and a clean appearance, as well as being safer and more child-friendly. The battery systems range from 7.1KWh to 21.31KWh and are available in 5 different capacities.

Another star product, the Powerbox, is a plug and play design, a floor standing outdoor solution with IP65 protection level, tailor made cabinet suitable for multi-module installation and It has a wide matching compatibility with leading inverter brands.


In terms of photovoltaics, Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world, and it’s in the first-world ranking in terms of light resources, with more than 80% of ground light intensity exceeding 2,000 kWh/m2, and the vast central region is sparsely populated with desert land, which is suitable for large-scale solar energy development and utilization, with huge potential for the solar power market.

From 2017 onwards the Australian PV market began to surge, and has become one of the important markets of global concern. According to the latest forecast, the demand for installed PV capacity in the Australian PV market is about 6.1GW in 2019, and its global market share will increase from 4.5% in 2018 to 4.7% in 2019.


Dyness has been gaining attention and recognition since it entered the Australian market, and several of its products have been listed by the Australian Clean Energy Council. Dyness has always been very concerned about the market in Australia and surrounding regions, and recently established an Australian branch, which has laid a solid foundation for Dyness to further expand the Australian market, lay out a global network and build a local sales and service system. This is a solid foundation for Dyness to further expand the Australian market, set up a global network and build a local sales and service basis. In the future, Dyness will continue to invest heavily in technology R&D, enhance its specialized strength, and contribute to the green and low-carbon sustainable development of global energy.