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Dyness 5th Anniversary


--“Sharpen the artisan's mind, stick to the original heart

Dyness celebrates its fifth anniversary on August 17, 2022,  a special day for this company. Since its establishment on August 17, 2017, Dyness has gone through five years of development.

Since its establishment, Dyness has been adhering to the strategic policy of market demand oriented, technology R&D driven, product quality first, and brand independence, and has been cultivating the overseas residential energy storage market, successfully establishing fully self-owned brand Dyness. Our brand and products have won recognition from numerous customers.

During the five years, Dyness has made great progress and development, achieving satisfactory accomplishments and honors. With the joint efforts of all staff, Dyness has been awarded the titles of National High-tech Enterprise and Small Giant Enterprise, and has also received investment from Hua Ventures, completing its Series A financing. At present, Dyness owns more than 80 core patents, has established a postgraduate training base with Lanzhou University, and has built a cross-field expert support system and industry-university-research cooperation with many Chinese universities.


Over the past five years, Dyness's business continues to expand, and its main products include lithium battery packs, BMS, EMS, etc. The products can be applied in a wide range of applications such as household, industrial and commercial, and RV. The company has steadily pushed forward various constructions, accelerated R&D and innovation, further improved the operation and management mechanism, promoted market operation ability, project operation capability, risk prevention capability, and enhanced developing momentum. Dyness is committed to providing users with professional and diversified intelligent energy storage products and high-quality service, striving to become a world-class energy storage brand.

Five years is a milestone for Dyness. Along the way, there were many opportunities and challenges. We are grateful for the support and acknowledgment from customers and partners, and also appreciate the efforts and perseverance of all employees. In the future, Dyness hopes to create a better future together with you all and become a world-class energy technology provider.