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Dancing with Light, Dyness reshow at Solar Solutions International in the Netherlands


On March 19-21, 2024, Solar Solutions International was successfully held at the Amsterdam Convention and Exhibition Center. As a global leading innovator of energy storage solutions, Dyness was present at Booth K18 of the exhibition, and a number of its star products received great attention from the audience.

As one of the fastest-growing regions in Europe for energy storage, the Netherlands is a key market in Dyness' European strategic layout, with a diversified market for household, industrial and commercial distributed energy storage. Solar Solutions, as one of the largest and most professional photovoltaic exhibitions in Europe, has also become an event for related industries in the Benelux.

In this exhibition, Dyness also brought a variety of product matrix, including low-voltage battery modules, high-voltage household and industrial/commercial energy storage solutions, aiming to meet the energy needs of each scenario with rich and diversified product applications.

Among the low-voltage battery modules, the DL5.0C has attracted a lot of attention from the public. With a capacity of 5.12 kWh and a maximum charge/discharge ratio of 1C, it is tailor-made for residential and small commercial applications. The LFP battery module supports remote updates and APP monitoring, and is available in floor, wall and stack mounting options. In addition, the DL5.0C is easily expandable, supporting up to 50 modules in parallel up to 256 kWh, which can effectively meet the needs of households with different capacities.

The Dyness Tower series was once again in the spotlight at the show. Easy to install and maintain, the Tower series adopts a modular, blind stacking design and the system can automatically recognize the program IP, which can save the operation and maintenance cost for users to the greatest extent. With five capacity options and a maximum capacity of 21.31 kWh per unit, the Tower series is also highly regarded for its flexibility in expansion, with up to 12 units connected in parallel to reach a capacity of 255.32 kWh, making it suitable for large residential and light commercial and industrial applications.

The Tower series has been on the market for 5 years and has served more than 30,000 households, with a hardware failure rate of almost zero, making it a "star" product for its high reliability and durability in the market.

Dyness' high-voltage industrial and commercial storage solutions, mainly the PowerRack HV4 and DH200F, have been on display at the show and have received a lot of inquiries from customers, as well as the dynamic demand for industrial and commercial energy storage in the Dutch market. Currently, Dyness has successfully implemented a number of industrial and commercial energy storage projects in the Netherlands, and its profound market experience and high product value have been recognized by local users and the market.

In the future, Dyness will work together with local partners to promote the commercialization of energy storage in the European market by leveraging its strengths in technological innovation and eco-development, and will use its products as a basis for helping the development of sustainable business in the Netherlands and around the world.