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Bravo! Dyness interviewed by CCTV


At noon on November 22, 2022, Li Lin, a reporter from CCTV's financial channel, walked into the Dyness Taizhou factory to conduct a live broadcast interview and report. Dyness, as a typical company in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, which has seen rapid growth in overseas exports of energy storage products, was featured for two minutes in a live interview.

Part 1

Recently, Dyness, as a benchmark company with rapid export growth of energy storage in Taizhou, was broadcasted in the special section of CCTV Finance Channel under the title of "New Export Trend: Surge in Overseas Demand, Significant Growth in Export of Household Energy Storage Equipment".


The CCTV financial channel crew on the exploration of Taizhou lithium home energy storage growth enterprise work to our company live interview reports, the picture workers are on the assembly line skillfully product assembly, welding, packaging, packing, and other processes, the scene is busy but not chaotic, production orderly.

Part 2

Dyness was established in 2017, focusing on the research, development, and production of overseas household and commercial energy storage products, and is one of the earliest enterprises in China to develop and lay out the overseas energy storage market. The company's products are available in more than 100 countries and have served more than 100,000 families around the world, enjoying a high reputation and recognition in the global market.


Subject to the European gas benchmark price cap of 275 euros/MWh, higher than expected, but the price is too high or difficult to trigger the price limit mechanism, high winter electricity prices make household storage installation expected to further enhance. With the energy crisis continuing to ferment, is expected to Europe 2022/2023 household energy storage installed up to 10/23GWh, an increase of 378%/133% respectively. According to Tianfeng Securities' calculations, from 2021 to 2025, the global installed capacity of household energy storage will grow from 5.2 GWh to 72.6GWh, with a compound growth rate of over 90%.


In recent years, the overseas energy storage track has become very hot and many players have entered the market. Dyness has taken advantage of its own strengths and is committed to the development of its own brand, adhering to a strategic policy of market demand, technology development, product quality, and adherence to its own brand in the energy storage industry.


Making products with heart, "five years to sharpen a sword". The interview report was not only broadcasted on CCTV financial channel but also reproduced in some mainstream media platforms, highlighting Dyness as an innovative benchmark model in the development of energy storage export in the Taizhou region, arousing everyone's interest and attention to Dyness and the energy storage industry.

At the same time, Dyness was able to showcase its corporate image and development achievements through the window of the central-level media, which will greatly promote the reputation of the Dyness brand.

Once again, we thank CCTV for their positive coverage of us and we look forward to continuing our efforts in the new energy business in the future, contributing to peak carbon and net zero emissions, actively taking up our corporate social responsibility, and living up to expectations!