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Dyness Honored "Top Brand PV Award" in the Czech Republic, Recognized for Outstanding Energy Storage Solutions

September 19, 2023

Dyness, a global leader in energy storage solutions, was honored with the prestigious "Top Brand PV Czech Republic 2023" award for energy storage on September 14th. The award, presented by the renowned research institute, EUPD Research, recognizes Dyness as one of the leading energy storage brands in the country and Europe, chosen by customers and installers for its exceptional product quality and performance.
The "Top Brand PV" award highlights Dyness's commitment to delivering innovative and reliable energy storage solutions that meet the needs of customers. The selection process involved a survey carried out by EUPD Research among installers, including brand awareness, customers' choice, and distribution. Dyness emerged as the preferred choice among installers  and customers, reflecting their confidence and trust in the brand's capabilities.

With a customer-centric approach and a focus on continuous innovation, Dyness has launched smart and advanced residential and C&I products for the Czech Republic. The updated Tower series is tailor-made for large residential applications, featuring a stackable design of self-adapting modules and five energy options from 7.10kWh to 21.31kWh. The DH200F and PowerStone, Dyness' outstanding products in the C&I market, with capacities from 30kWh to 200kWh, have a modular design and support parallel connection of multiple units to meet the needs of customers in the Czech Republic and provide sufficient security of application.

These cutting-edge products incorporate advanced technology and enhanced performance, catering to diverse scenerios. By integrating a range of energy storage solutions that enable efficient energy management, Dyness provides a sustainable approach to meet energy demands and contributes to solving the energy transition faced by the Czech Republic.

With the recognition of the "Top Brand PV Award Czech Republic 2023" and competitive products, Dyness aims to empower customers in the Czech Republic to embrace green and sustainable energy practices. By offering innovative energy storage solutions, Dyness is paving the way for a more sustainable energy future all over the world.