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Commercial Energy Storage Systems - High Voltage

PowerRack HV1

Dyness HV1 PowerRack is designed for indoor use high voltage battery. The extendable energy design is suitable for both residential and commercial scenarios. The battery modules are specially designed for serial connection to maximize cost effectiveness.

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PowerRack HV1
Rack Type PowerRack HV1-9s PowerRack HV1-15s
Battery Module Type HV4850 HV4850
Battery Module Quantity 9 units 15 units
Nominal Battery Energy 21.6kWh 36kWh
Nominal Capacity 50Ah 50Ah
Nominal Voltage 432V 720V
Operating Vol. Range 378-486V 630-810V
Nominal Power Output 12.96kW 21.6kW
Max. Power Output 21.6kW 36kW
Recommend Charging Current 25A 25A
Recommend Discharging Current 25A 25A
Net Weight 277.5kg 444.5kg
Dimension(W*D*H) 601*510*1250mm 601*510*1917mm
Rack System Control unit Type[1] BDU50 BDU50
Module Quantity and Configuration 9 Units in series 15 Units in series