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DL2.5 lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage system can provide energy storage for photovoltaic power generation users through parallel combination.Our product can store extra electricity into battery from photovoltaic power generation system in daytime and supply stable power to user’s equipment as power backup at nighttime or any time when needed. It can improve the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation and increase the electric power efficiency by peak load shifting.

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Mode DL2.5
Nominal Voltage(V) 25.6
Work Voltage Range(V) 28~28.8
Nominal Capacity(Ah) 100
Nominal Energy(kWh) 2.56
Nominal Power(kW) 2.56
Max Power(kW) 3.328
1S Peak Power(kW) 3.712
1S Peak Current(A) 145
Charging Current(A) 75
Discharge Current(A) 100

[1]Test conditions: 0.2C Charging/Discharging, @25℃, 95% DOD

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