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Dyness Ignites at Intersolar Europe with Expanded Products and Partnerships

June 26, 2024

Munich, Germany, June 21, 2024/PR Newswire/ -- Dyness, a global innovator in energy storage solutions, made waves at Intersolar Europe. They have once again proven the value of innovation by unveiling their latest commercial & industrial (C&I)  product, DH100F, and the residential product, Powerbox G2. Notably, the brand has gained new European clients on-site, reinforcing their commitment to strengthening collaborative partnerships.

At this stage, Dyness has newly launched its low-voltage residential product Powerbox G2 and DH100F designed for small-scale C&I applications to supplement their comprehensive solution matrix.

Dyness Residential Solution: enhanced efficiency, simplified installation, intelligent management

For residential segment, Dyness launched high-voltage and low-voltage products for different electricity demands. They feature high system efficiency of up to 1C charge and discharge rate, and easy installation through OTA upgrade and modular design. Furthermore, Dyness Smart Cloud Platform also supports intelligent energy optimization management to enhance system performance and revenue.

The new-release Powerbox G2 uses the shortest power cord path design and temperature control mechanism to ensure higher system efficiency and lower system cost, optimizing the user experience.

Dyness C&I Solution: ultimate safety, high energy density, full-scenario application

Dyness C&I solutions rely on flexible configuration and the ability to connect multiple units in parallel to meet the needs of different application scenarios. With their All-In-One design and rapid on/off switching, they allow for flexible expansion and various operation modes.

The brand-new DH100F boasts an energy density of up to 35.2kWh/m³, and its preventative fire strategy with three-level detection and TMG function can also ensure ultimate safety of the system. The flexible expansion of the DH100F enables it to achieve MW-level capacity, excelling in all scenarios.

During the exhibition, Dyness awarded the Golden Partner accolade to clients from countries such as Germany, UK, and Spain, and signed contracts with distributors from the Netherlands and Bulgaria, showing its commitment to these markets through firm partnerships. Moreover, both KOSTAL and KACO, Dyness’s inverter partners in Germany, took the stage at the brand’s booth to deliver engaging speeches.

Andreas Schmalenberg, Product Manager at KOSTAL, introduced the connection of KOSTAL inverters and Tower Series, which offers customers a premium solution. It is highlighted that the Tower T14, combined with the Kostal PLENTICORE plus G2 10 inverter, achieved a 94.2% system performance index, according to the Stromspeicher-Inspektion 2024 by HTW Berlin. Arvid Burkle, Head of Product Lifecycle Management at KACO, also emphasized, “We are proud of the compatibility between KACO blueplanet hybrid inverters and Dyness Tower and Tower Pro series, which provides users with more reliable storage options ".

With a global presence spanning 13 branches worldwide, Dyness has established a strong local service system in Europe, through full after-sales tracking service and prompt hotline response, to ensure quality and reliability of services. Serving over 500,000 users in 100+ countries, Dyness is collaborating with 90+ partners worldwide, to make renewable energy more affordable.