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Dyness Presented at the Middle East's Largest Renewable Energy Exhibition - WFES2024

April 19, 2024

The 16th edition of the World Future Energy Show Middle East (WFES2024), one of the largest renewable energy and sustainability industry exhibitions in the Middle East, kicked off on 16 April 2024 at the UAE-Abu Dhabi International Exhibition Centre.

Initiated by Masdar - UAE Future Energy Investment Company, WFES is a global platform dedicated to promoting the world's future energy development, energy efficiency utilisation, clean and renewable energy and environmentally sustainable technological innovations, and creating business investment opportunities. In this exhibition, Dyness presents at Hall 8 - 8400, displaying multi-scenario energy storage solutions, including DL5.0C low-voltage modules for household use, DH200F intelligent air-cooled integrated unit for commercial and industrial energy storage, and PowerRack HV4, which will provide a new path for the Middle East to improve the energy structure, protect the ecological environment, and explore a new mode of economic development.

For the Middle East distributed energy storage market, DL5.0C low voltage battery module is exhibited. With an economic design for off-grid and hybrid energy storage system configurations, the DL5.0C LFP battery module is tailored for residential and small commercial applications, supports remote updates and APP monitoring, and can operate in -20~55℃ environments, effectively addressing product operation in desert temperatures. The DL5.0C supports remote updates and APP monitoring, and can operate in -20~55°C to address desert temperatures. It is also scalable, supporting up to 50 battery modules in parallel, with options ranging from 5.12 kWh to 256 kWh.

The PowerRack HV4 series, Dyness' market-proven commercial and industrial 'veterans', consists of the BDU100 and HV51100 batteries, and is available in two standard customised cabinets, the HV4-7S and HV4-11S. The HV4-11S can accommodate 11 battery modules per cluster, with a capacity of up to 76.8kWh and a voltage up to 563.2 V. The system is also designed for high-voltage systems for indoor use, with a larger capacity per module, and is suitable for medium-sized industrial and commercial applications to increase solar energy self-subsumption, provide back-up power, or shave peaks and valleys, etc. The IP20 protection rating and the 0.5V power supply are also available in the HV4-7S and HV4-11S models. Its IP20 protection level and 0-55℃ charging and discharging conditions are perfectly adapted to the climate of the region, bringing customers higher power generation and project investment returns.

As a "new star" in the field of industrial and commercial energy storage, the intelligent air-cooled integrated machine DH200F, All-In-One multi-functional integration, support for photovoltaic access, and off-grid switching, covering the whole scenario of optical storage and diesel fuel. One of the most important features of this product is that it is highly efficient and flexible, and can be equipped with intelligent and highly efficient STS, with a switching time of less than 20ms between grid connection and off-grid switching. In terms of capacity expansion, DH200F supports parallel connection of up to 12 machines up to 2.5MWh. In addition, its "IP55+C3" protection class enables it to effectively withstand the challenges of desert climate such as sand and drought, as well as equipment weathering.

The energy structure of the Middle East is dominated by fossil energy, but with the accelerated urbanisation of the region and increasing pressure on emission reduction due to population expansion, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other countries have introduced and updated renewable energy development targets, aiming to strive to reduce the dependence on traditional energy sources, accelerate energy transformation, and help diversify the economy and sustainable development. By the end of 2022, the cumulative installed capacity of PV in the Middle East will have exceeded 13 GW, and demand for lithium-ion batteries is heating up in the region due to market demand, the many advantages of lithium-ion for grid applications, and long-term application stability. According to some organisations, lithium-ion batteries may dominate the market.

Dyness has been in the field of energy storage for many years, and has taken the lead in laying out the Middle East market, with several projects in Lebanon and other countries. Taking this exhibition as an opportunity, Dyness also issued official distributor authorisation certificates to three important partners and signed a strategic cooperation agreement, aiming to develop in-depth synergies in various aspects of technology and market through strategic partnership to better support the market. In the future, Dyness will join hands with local partners to bring more leading energy storage solutions to the Middle East and the world with the mission of lowering the earth's temperature, accelerating the change of green energy and heading for a zero-carbon future.