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See the World |Dyness unveils its multi-faceted product matrix in Smart Energy 2024


As one of Australia's largest cities, Sydney has always been committed to promoting sustainable development on the ground, providing a solid foundation for exploration and innovation in the future of energy. The Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition 2024, held at the Sydney International Convention & Exhibition Centre, opened on 6 March local time. As an ongoing contributor to the global energy industry, Dyness continued to bring its diverse product matrix to the show.

At the exhibition in Australia, Dyness showcased its residential low voltage modules Powerbox Pro and DL5.0C, as well as its high voltage products Tower series. In the field of commercial and industrial energy storage, Dyness focused on the DH200F, an intelligent air-cooled integrated unit.

As the high-voltage product series that Dyness launched in the field of residential energy storage, the Tower series has its core competence. It supports blind stacking, and features such as no additional wiring and no need to consider module order, which can well support the convenience of terminal installers. In the 2024 Version 1.0 Energy Efficiency Test Report released by the renowned HTW Berlin, the Tower T14 of the Tower series was ranked with a high system performance index of 94.2% and an energy efficiency rating of B. Meanwhile, in addition to the intelligent features of remote monitoring and upgrading, the battery module supports up to 12 Towers in parallel (2-6 uinits HV9637 per Tower). In addition to the intelligent features of remote monitoring and upgrading, the battery module supports up to 12 clusters in parallel (2-4 modules per cluster), with a maximum expandable capacity of 255.72kWh.

The DH200F, as a commercial and industrial energy storage product that Dyness has already implemented in a number of successful projects, is designed to provide users with an exclusive one-stop solution. The all-in-one cabinet integrates core modules such as battery, PCS, BMS and EMS, which maximises space utilisation and minimises installation costs. At the same time, DH200F can be connected in parallel with multiple machines, and its capacity can be expanded up to MW class, so that it can satisfy the demand for electricity in multiple scenarios with a limited floor space. In addition, DH200F's flexible configuration is also one of its highlights, providing differentiated options such as PV access and seamless switching between grid and off-grid according to different usage scenarios and needs.

In addition to the energy storage products, Dyness also demonstrated its self-developed digital energy storage system. The intelligent energy management system and intelligent control system can effectively help users realise the efficient use and management of energy and improve energy efficiency.

At present, Australia has considerable energy storage reserve projects, and the total installed capacity of deployed energy storage projects exceeds 40GW, ranking at the forefront of the global battery energy storage market. Statistically, the share of renewable energy in the generation mix of Australia's National Electricity Market (NEM) is expected to double to 41 per cent by 2030. With the increasing share of renewable energy sources, the demand for energy storage applications is also expected to grow during the future demand forecast period.

As a pioneer in the field of intelligent energy storage, Dyness is committed to providing high-quality, high-performance intelligent energy storage products and total solutions to the market. Australia is one of the most important markets for Dyness' in-depth globalisation, and with Australia's sustainable development policies and energy development continuing to take hold, Dyness will continue to work with its Australian partners to help Australia's sustainable development from a market perspective, with its products and innovative technologies at the heart of the company's strategy.