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See the world | Dyness shows the strength of energy storage technology at Key Energy 2024


On February 28th, Key Energy, one of Europe's leading energy exhibitions, opened in Rimini, Italy. At this event, which gathers the world's top energy technology companies, Dyness became a hot spot with its diversified energy storage product matrix of high safety, high performance and high efficiency.

During the exhibition, Dyness displayed its low-voltage residential energy storage modules, high-voltage Tower series, and high-voltage commercial and industrial energy storage products PowerRack HV4 and DH200F, which were unanimously praised both inside and outside the industry. Among the exhibits, the low-voltage household energy storage module matrix including A48100, B48100, DL5.0C and other products attracted a lot of attention, featuring multiple advantages such as high efficiency, safety, flexibility and intelligence.

A48100 battery module, as the best-selling star product in Europe, supports wall-mounted and floor-mounted installation. With a single block capacity of 4.8 kWh, it can be paralleled up to 30 units with an expandable capacity of 144 kWh. While the B48100, as a derivative of the A48100, can be paralleled up to 40 units with a capacity of up to 192 kWh, which is capable of meeting the energy storage needs of households and small-scale industrial and commercial sectors.

The DL5.0C, with a capacity of 5.12 kWh per block, has a lightweight and compact design that is suitable for various installation spaces. In addition, the DL5.0C supports 1C charging and discharging with a 95% discharge depth, ensuring high system efficiency and capacity utilisation. In case of capacity expansion, this modular product can be efficiently paralleled with up to 50 batteries for a capacity of up to 256 kWh, a feature that makes the DL5.0C ideal for a wide range of standby power installations, not only in domestic applications, but also in light commercial scenarios, such as farms, neighbourhood hospitals and small nursing homes.

Since 2018, Italy is the second largest household storage market in Europe. According to a report by Wood Mackenzie, the Italian energy storage market is forecast to reach 21 GW/65 GWh by 2032, a 40% YoY increase. kim, Regional Sales Manager for Italy at Dyness, said, "With more and more users now recognising that natural gas is not a good way to provide flexibility to the grid and manage peak demand. Italy needs to deploy more energy storage systems to achieve this." Accompanying the Italian government's proposed CER (Community of Renewable Energy Sources) decree in early January of this year, one is an incentive tariff for entities producing renewable energy, and the other is a subsidy. The Italian government is expected to provide a fund of 5.7 billion euros to encourage renewable energy production, benefiting the people while promoting the development of new energy sources.

As one of the core markets for energy storage in Europe, Dyness has steadily increased its brand awareness in the Italian market, thanks to local partners working hand in hand with Dyness. With years of experience in the Italian market, Dyness has accumulated a wealth of experience in the local market. Based on its presence at Key Energy, Dyness has been able to further deepen its leadership in the local market. In the future, Dyness will continue to deepen its cooperation with its partners to grow together in the Italian market, which is full of opportunities, and to promote the application of sustainable energy in accordance with policy guidance.