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Make Every Ray Shines on the Tenerife Island with Dyness Innovative Energy Storage Solutions


In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands, with their favorable solar conditions, magnificent beaches and diverse natural scenery, have become one of Europe's leading holiday destinations, attracting a large number of European tourists every year. Of these, Tenerife is the largest island in the archipelago, where Spain's highest point, Mount Teide, is located. Thanks to a thriving tourism industry and an abundance of natural resources, as well as a favorable climate, environmental protection and sustainable development have become a priority in this region.

Currently, renewable energy penetration into the Canaries’ energy systems has been meager, and the islands have mostly relied on fossil fuels for their energy supply, like the Tenerife Island. Therefore, the Spanish government is implementing some initiatives and increasing investments in renewable energy, to support the relatively isolated energy systems in these islands. For instance, at the end of 2023, the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition (MITECO) allocated €85 million to develop 51 renewable energy generation and storage projects on the Canary Islands.

Meanwhile, the enterprises and landlords in these islands are also seeking renewable technology to face high energy costs and unstable electricity system, and to respond to the government's Zero Carbon Emission Target by 2050. On Tenerife Island, there is a supermarket providing daily necessities for residents on this island. It occupies around 2500 square meters, and has different function areas, such as the shopping area and EV charging station.

In April this year, Dyness and a local partner delivered an energy storage project for this supermarket to help them with operational cost reduction and sustainable transition. This project is a 215 kWh energy storage system, adopting Dyness all-in-one product DH200F to enhance solar use efficiency and help this supermarket realize power self-generation and self-consumption. This project allows the supermarket to increase its solar power use ratio to over 90% from the original 56%, and provides stable power supply for the frozen area, air conditioning and heating equipment, also the EV charger, meeting the daily operational needs.

DH200F is an all-in-one energy storage system that Dyness designed for multiple C&I scenarios. It integrates core modules such as the battery, PCS, BMS, and EMS, which maximize space utilization and minimize installation costs.

Scalable on Demand

The DH200F can be connected in parallel with multiple systems and its capacity can be expanded up to 2.5MWh, so that it can satisfy the demand for electricity in various scenarios with limited space. If businesses or landlords have higher energy consumption needs, this system could be easily paralleled to provide more power.

Multi-scenario Application

In addition, one of the highlights of DH200F is its flexible configuration, which provides differentiated options such as PV access, and seamless switching between grid and off-grid, according to different usage scenarios and needs. It can be widely used in scenarios such as charging stations, industrial parks, and shopping malls, providing business owners or landlords with functions such as power backup to reduce their expenses on the rising electricity prices and increase off-grid power self-sufficiency.

Enhanced Safety

With three levels of detection and EMS intelligent judgement fire protection strategy, the ultimate security of the DH200F is also well ensured. Also, its IP55 protection level and C3 anti-corrosion capability make it robust in extreme conditions, allowing it to operate stably in high-humidity environments such as this island.

This project not only helps the supermarket owner balance solar electricity consumption and reduce their reliance on the grid, but also saves their operational costs and realizes zero-carbon emissions, contributing to the sustainable development of the Tenerife Island.

By now, Dyness has successfully delivered DH200F energy storage projects in many European countries, such as the Netherlands and Greece, being used in business park, bowling clubs, and seaside hotels. With the commitment to reducing the cost of energy acquisition and the strength of global market verification, Dyness is striving to offer innovative energy technology to lower the Earth's temperature.

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