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Dyness Honored with EUPD Research's "Top Brand PV Award 2023 for Storage" in South Africa


Dyness has received the award of Top Brand PV South Africa 2023 for energy storage by EUPD Research, a world-renowned authoritative research institute, which means Dyness has ranked as one of the top energy storage brands in South Africa with its excellent product performance and high satisfaction.

The "Top Brand PV Award" is a prestigious award by EUPD Research to recognize brands that have demonstrated excellence in the industry. This year, EUPD Research conducted a comprehensive evaluation of renewable energy companies operating in South Africa, considering factors such as corporate brand satisfaction, market share, and customer recommendations.Dyness emerged among the standout options in the energy storage category, solidifying its position as a market leader. This recognition serves as a testament to Dyness' unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and innovative energy storage solutions.

Dyness is a leading energy storage solutions innovator with a global presence and is committed to providing customers with intelligent energy solutions, maximizing the use of green energy, and making positive contributions to global carbon neutrality. With a customer-centric approach, Dyness has established partnerships with great distributors and installers worldwide and has built localized service systems. Dyness has gained a strong reputation for delivering high-value products and top-quality services to customers and served more than 300,000 households globally.

To coincide with the prestigious award, Dyness unveiled its latest products for the South African market, including two new low-voltage energy storage solutions, the DL5.0C and DL5.0X. Dyness also unveiled the DH200F, aimed at commercial and industrial-grade energy storage scenarios. These cutting-edge offerings feature advanced technology and enhanced performance, catering to residential, commercial, and industrial applications. By integrating a range of energy storage solutions that enable efficient energy management, Dyness provides a sustainable approach to meet energy demands and help solve the load-shedding problem of South Africa.

With the authoritative award of 'Top Brand PV South Africa 2023' and competitive new products, Dyness is capable of empowering South African consumers in embracing the green wave of sustainable development, contributing to a more sustainable energy future.