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Dyness makes a stunning appearance in Renewable Energy Asia 2022


At the end of this summer, we came to another tropical country, Thailand. Renewable Energy Asia 2022 was held in Bangkok, from September 14 to 16.

Renewable Energy Asia is the largest renewable energy technology exhibition and conference in ASEAN, focusing on the latest renewable energy projects and trends. On this trip, we exchanged and shared latest technology achievements of solar storage with many outstanding enterprises, dealers and installers. As an influential supplier of lithium-electric energy storage products in the world, Dyness displayed three star products: PowerDepot H5B, Tower T10 and A48100, which won the favor of many visitors. The PowerDepot H5B with 5.12 KWh energy, can realize up to 4 units in parallel, and it has authoritative certifications such as TUV and CEC. With IP65 protection level, it can be installed indoors and outdoors to adapt to Thailand's rainy and humid climate. Tower T10 is a high-voltage household product that supports stand-alone outreach; A48100 is easy for expansion and has multiple installation options, which meet users’ different needs.


Located in the central tropical region of the Indochina Peninsula, Thailand is an emerging economy, a rising industrialized country, and the second largest economy in South-East Asia. With a natural resource base of abundant light and abundant solar resources, and average daily sunshine of about 5-6.5 kWh per square meter, its photovoltaic industry is also the oldest among ASEAN countries. According to the National Plan of Thailand, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation will reach 6GW by 2036, and it is further reported that the National Electricity Authority of Thailand has revised the National Plan for the Development of Photovoltaic Power from 2018 to 2037, and that the photovoltaic development target for the next 20 years has been increased to 17GW. Implementation of this policy has favorably promoted the development of Thailand's photovoltaic market, which will undoubtedly become one of the most powerful emerging photovoltaic markets in the world.


As one of the most important markets in Southeast-Asia region, Thailand's market share of shipments for three consecutive years has proved the outstanding performance of Dyness in brand recognition, product technology, and quality advantage. Relying on the strong potential of photovoltaic market and Dyness's R&D capabilities and market reputation, we are confident that Dyness will continue to expand its product presence in the Thai market and win the favor and recognition of more users.

Next stop, meet Dyness in Solar Power International, on September 19,2022!