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Dyness Finds The Way Out for Businesses Struggle with Grid Overload in the Netherlands


The Dutch government and institutions are putting into action to support its energy system optimization and tackle power grid problems. For instance, the Netherlands’ climate minister has allocated €100 million in accelerated subsidies for solar-plus-storage in 2025, which will provide an operating subsidy to projects for each kWh of energy they discharge into the electricity market during peak demand hours when there is typically a shortage of renewable energy generation. It is expected that this fund will be able to promote the deployment of 160-330MW of BESS. Furthermore, some institutions and Dutch provincial governments initiated a European Center for Flexible Energy Solutions aiming to solve the Dutch grid congestion problem and build a future-proof energy system.

The Netherlands has an ambitious sustainability goal of 70% renewable electricity generation and net-zero carbon emission by 2050. However, with the increase in these initiatives but limited grid expansion, stable grid connections have become challenging. Grid fees have seen significant hikes, and real-time congestion is on the rise. The grid-access prioritization scheme for projects with a social function, established by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), also poses a problem for Dutch businesses. How could they find a promising way to guarantee their daily operation and response to the country's call for energy independence and sustainable development simultaneously? Battery storage will be a clean and profitable choice.

Dyness, a veteran in this industry, is committed to bringing high-quality energy storage solutions with continued innovation and optimization. At Intersolar Europe 2024 just passed, Dyness unveiled its latest C&I energy storage solutions, showing its comprehensive solution matrix. As early as 2021, Dyness established a branch office in the Netherlands with a local sales and technical support team, providing professional and reliable services for the Netherlands and wider Europe.

In the first half of 2024, Dyness together with local partners landed several C&I energy storage projects in the Netherlands in quick succession. One of the representative projects is the electricity supply project for a bowling club in Purmerend, which adopted the Dyness DH200F energy storage system, offering reliable power supply and cutting operational costs for the club.

As a club that operates from the afternoon to midnight and serves food and beverages, as well as bowling and other entertainment, it has a high demand for electricity consumption during peak hours. However, the grid access difficulty has made normal operation of this club problematic. Prior to the installation of the project, the owner of the club used diesel generators as their power supply equipment, which operated noisily and emitted polluting gases. The delivery of this energy storage project helps the club realize dynamic peak shaving and valley filling, optimizing its power supply and carbon emissions.

The DH200F is a fully integrated energy storage system, tailored for multiple C&I scenario applications.

Flexible Configuration

It can be installed in parallel up to 12 systems, scalable from 215kWh to 2.5MWh, which is ideal for both small-scale and large-scale energy consumption scenarios. The capability of on-grid and off-grid mode switching enables it to unlock opportunities to increase profitability.  

Ultimate Safety

The DH200F is equipped with a preventative firefighting strategy that uses three levels of detection and multiple extinguishing agents, as well as intelligent EMS judgement to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Intelligent Maintenance

Equipped with Dyness Smart Cloud Platform, it supports the online and offline linkage of localized EMS, cloud platform and mobile APP through AI refined management mode. At the same time, it has established a big data model of the whole life cycle of the battery through panoramic data collection, and carries out real-time monitoring of the battery's health condition and reminding of accidents, so as to guarantee the safety of the product on the ground without any worry.

The widespread adoption of this system in Europe and even in the world proves the powerful product strength of Dyness. With the commitment to pioneer storage technology worldwide, Dyness promises to provide more intelligent and efficient energy solutions to customers, improving the economics of clean energy use, and contributing to the cause of global sustainability.

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