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Dyness at three exhibitions in Europe and Africa to promote the application of clean energy in the world


In the month of February, Dyness made its presence felt in Europe and Africa at three exhibitions to kick off the year with a bang, contributing to the promotion and application of clean energy and green development in the world.

Genera 2024, Shining in Spain

Genera, one of the most important international exhibitions in the field of energy and environment in Spain, was officially opened in the Madrid International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 6-8 February, gathering global zero-carbon partners to help Europe become carbon neutral.

As one of the key players in the Spanish region, Dyness is once again presenting its key products such as DL5.0C low-voltage household battery module and Rack HV4 high-voltage industrial and commercial products. Since the exhibition, Dyness products have been well received by the local market and attracted many visitors.

As one of the highlights of the exhibition, the Rack HV4 series, with a voltage of up to 563.2V, can operate independently off-grid. In places not covered by large power grids, such as remote mountainous areas, islands, city neighbourhoods, communication base stations, street lights and tourist attractions, etc., they can partially or completely replace diesel generators by virtue of their economy and large capacity to meet the total power demand and reliability.

ENEX Poland for a Green Future in Eastern Europe

The Renewable Energy Expo (ENEX) 2024 in Kielce, Poland was held on 7-8 February at the Kielce International Exhibition Centre in Kielce, Poland.

Enex Poland is the largest clean energy exhibition in Poland and attracts companies from all over the world every year. Dyness highlighted its leading technologies and solutions in the field of optical storage, including household storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, portable energy storage and balcony storage and many other best-selling products, which attracted a high degree of attention from the Polish market.

Local visitors expressed strong interest in Dyness' technologies and products, especially the high-voltage household storage Tower T series and Tower Pro TP series, which can be programmed for adaptive, blind-plugged stacking installation and are easy to operate and low in operation and maintenance costs for users. The Tower T14, for example, has a capacity of 13.4KWh, which is able to provide daily power for a family of four. In addition, this series has been successfully matched with the famous inverter brand Kostal, which provides users with more choice possibilities.Tower Pro TP series, with LED indicator lights, externally displays the battery capacity and working status, giving users a more intuitive display of the product's operating status. At the same time, the series of products to increase the RS485 communication interface, to achieve a longer distance transmission, protect the circuit chip; support VPP and other multi-scenario applications and remote monitoring functions.

According to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association in December 2022 released the "2022-2026 European Household Storage Market Outlook", between 2022-2026, in the total amount of household storage system additions, Poland is expected to become the third largest country, after Germany and Italy. Poland is one of the largest markets for residential energy storage in Eastern Europe, and Dyness will continue to promote the market in Poland and the Eastern European region, to promote the green future of Poland and the entire Eastern European region.

The Solar Show Africa 2024, fuelling growth in South Africa

From 7-9 February, Dyness was also actively involved in The Solar Show Africa, one of the largest clean and renewable energy exhibitions in Africa.

As a household name in South Africa, Dyness attracted a great deal of attention at the show. Dyness showcased a series of core products, such as the low-voltage battery module DL5.0C, which features a lightweight design and supports wall-mounted, floor-mounted and stacked installation, taking up little space. In addition, it supports real-time battery status monitoring and remote programme upgrades for easy maintenance. At the same time, Dyness' global on-site technical support team is able to provide users with quick response and timely after-sales service.

At the exhibition, Dyness also had in-depth exchanges with local partners on cooperation, contributing global experience to the sustainable development of South Africa and market services. As an integral part of the Dyness global market, Dyness will continue to focus on its products and contribute to a sustainable future for South Africa.

By participating in the above three exhibitions, Dyness has demonstrated its strength and achievements in the field of clean energy to the world, and at the same time injected new vitality into the green development of Europe and Africa. In the future, Dyness will continue to uphold the development viewpoint of technology and innovation, so that every user can use energy storage with peace of mind and confidence, and help the world promote sustainable energy and build a green future.