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Dyness and Lyv Join Forces to Power the Future of C&I Energy Storage in the Netherlands


We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Dyness and Lyv, marking an important milestone in the business market in the Netherlands. As the leading innovator of advanced battery systems, Dyness has officially teamed up with Lyv, a renowned energy solutions provider, which become the preferred supplier of Dyness in the Netherlands. This further expanding collaboration opens up exciting opportunities for businesses seeking high-quality, large-capacity battery solutions to meet their energy needs.

Dyness, with its cutting-edge battery system technology and extensive expertise in the field, is proud to work hand in hand with Lyv. Together, we are revolutionizing how companies harness and control energy, providing intelligent battery systems tailored to their requirements. Whether it's maximizing self-generated solar energy, optimizing electricity rates, or overcoming grid capacity limitations, businesses in grid congestion areas in the Netherlands can now thrive economically, thanks to this powerful partnership.

As the provider of intelligent energy systems, Dyness will ensure the seamless delivery of our top-of-the-line battery systems, while leveraging our expertise to contribute to the project preparation and realization phases. Our focus is on achieving optimal installations and empowering businesses with reliable, scalable, and efficient energy storage solutions. With Dyness at the forefront of battery technology and Lyv's unrivaled project management capabilities, this collaboration is set to revolutionize the energy storage landscape in the Netherlands.

The demand for larger battery systems continues to grow rapidly in the Netherlands, and our partnership with Lyv is perfectly positioned to meet this demand. Dyness offers an easily expanded modular system, allowing businesses to scale their energy storage capacity as needed. With options ranging from expanding in steps of 77 kWh to 1.2 MWh or more, and even the remarkable capacity from 215 kWh to 20 MWh, companies can now realize Energy Hubs with substantial storage capabilities or implement energy storage solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

We are excited to embark on this journey with Lyv and look forward to empowering businesses across the Netherlands with our state-of-the-art battery systems. We encourage you to learn about our products if you are interested in exploring the possibilities that we can offer your company or business park. Let's embrace a future powered by intelligent and sustainable energy storage.