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Breaking News! Dyness Wins Dual Awards in the Energy Storage Industry


On March 19th to 20th, the "OFweek 2024 New Energy Industry Collaborative Development Conference,"  was grandly held in Shenzhen. During the annual awards banquet held concurrently, Dyness was honored with the 2023 Energy Storage Industry Excellence in Technological Innovation Award and the Excellence in New Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Solutions Award presented by the organizing committee. This double accolade not only confirms Dyness' leading position in the global energy storage market but also serves as a strong recognition of its technological advantages in industrial and commercial energy storage solutions.

Currently, Dyness offers diversified industrial and commercial energy storage solutions, including well-received products such as DH200Y, DH300Y, and DH200F. These products have been successfully implemented in numerous high-quality projects both domestically and internationally.

The DH200F intelligent air-cooled All-In-One product was developed and put into project use when Dyness entered the Chinese energy storage market in 2022. In the latter half of 2023, at the SNEC International Energy Storage Conference, Dyness officially unveiled its latest intelligent liquid-cooled product series, DH300Y and DH200Y. Particularly noteworthy is the DH300Y, which features a large-capacity 375Ah cell and has garnered significant industry attention due to its safety and cost advantages since its launch.

As a well-established product that has already been implemented in numerous successful projects worldwide, the DH200F intelligent air-cooled integrated unit aims to provide users with exclusive one-stop solutions. The integrated cabinet incorporates core modules such as batteries, PCS, BMS, and EMS, maximizing space utilization and minimizing installation costs. Additionally, the DH200F can be paralleled with multiple units, allowing for a maximum capacity expansion to the MW level while occupying limited floor space, and meeting diverse electricity demands in various scenarios. Moreover, the DH200F's flexible configuration is one of its key highlights, offering differentiated options such as photovoltaic integration and seamless switch between grid-connected and off-grid operation to cater to different usage scenarios and demands.

Leveraging its superior technological advantages, the DH300Y not only provides an ultra-large capacity with 375Ah cells but also effectively reduces the average temperature rise by 6 degrees Celsius. It can save up to 6 kWh of electricity per day per unit. Moreover, during the product launch event, Li Cheng, the R&D leader of industrial and commercial energy storage technologies at Dyness, stated that the DH300Y intelligent liquid-cooled integrated unit can improve battery efficiency to 96%. When effectively applied, this can shorten the project's return on investment period and increase the return on investment by 6%. Additionally, the DH300Y adopts a "four-in-one" safety design, combining high-standard system design with active and passive safety measures. With the support of AI big data algorithms and cloud platforms, it achieves a balance between safety and performance.

The DH200Y, which utilizes mainstream 280Ah cells, shares the same "four-in-one" safety design as the DH300Y. It incorporates an intelligent and precise liquid cooling temperature control system, ensuring that the temperature difference within the cluster remains within 3 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the DH200Y occupies a footprint of only 1.58m², achieving an energy density of 147kWh/m². It boasts a smaller footprint and higher energy density. If users have greater capacity requirements, both the DH200Y and DH300Y can support expansion needs effectively. Based on these features, the DH200Y is also capable of perfectly meeting the majority of current market demands and prevailing with its technological and performance advantages.

Recent forecasts from relevant institutions indicate that the market share of pure integration enterprises will continue to be squeezed, leading to a higher risk of being eliminated. In a market characterized by intense competition, product technological innovation and a solid brand influence have become crucial factors.

With an ever-improving product portfolio and a high-standard product development system, Dyness has marched forward in the global market for nearly seven years with over 90 global partners, solidifying its product strength and global brand influence. This award serves as motivation from the industry and will continue to inspire Dyness to enhance its overall capabilities. Dyness will continue to focus on products, wield innovation as a weapon, and collaborate with global partners to jointly contribute to the development of global sustainable energy.