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Dyness at the show 2023 Intersolar South America in Brazil


From August 29th to 31st, 2023 local time, Intersolar South America 2023, the largest and most influential professional solar energy exhibition in Latin America, was grandly held in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the North Convention and Exhibition Center. Dyness, as a global leading energy storage technology company, appeared at Booth R4.84, displaying a variety of best-selling products and providing visitors with cutting-edge technical explanations of the industry, which attracted many people to stop and negotiate.

Highlights, Strength in the Circle
The "collision" between Brazil and Dyness' household storage products has produced sparks of wisdom.

Since its establishment, Dyness has been highly praised by the market for its advanced technology research and development capability and excellent product quality. At the exhibition, Dyness displayed a number of reputable products in the field of energy storage. Among them are DL5.0C, Powerbox Pro, and Tower T10, a low-voltage product for household storage and a high-voltage product for household storage. Meanwhile, Dyness' industrial and commercial energy storage product PowerStone, as well as new portable products and RV batteries were also presented at the exhibition.

The most popular product during the exhibition was the DL5.0C battery. This battery module has a compact design, can be used in off-grid and hybrid settings, and supports a variety of installation methods. In addition, the OTA function, which is included in most Dyness products, is fully embodied in the DL5.0C, helping users to remotely update and monitor the latest system status anytime, anywhere, and maximizing the convenience and safety of the product.

Riding on the momentum to make a new chapter

With the rapid development of the global new energy industry, Latin America has become one of the industry markets with great potential. As the core market for renewable energy in Latin America, Brazil has a higher potential for market explosion.

According to data from the Brazilian Electricity Traders Association, Brazil's average monthly power generation increased to about 67,000 megawatts (MW) in 2022, of which the proportion of renewable energy power generation amounted to 92%, close to 62,000 MW. This figure is the highest in nearly 10 years and is expected to continue to climb. Since entering the Brazilian market, Dyness has always had a good product reputation and market image, and in 2022, Dyness was awarded the "Top PV Brand (Storage)" by EUPD, an authoritative industry association, as the top brand in the energy storage category in the region. Top PV Brand (Storage)" by EUPD, an authoritative association in the industry.

Participating in the Intersolar exhibition has also strengthened the friendly ties between Dyness and its partners and customers in the Brazilian market. In the future, Dyness will gradually deepen the company's globalization strategy and contribute to the transformation of Brazil's energy economy and the promotion of sustainable development.