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Shining in Rheinland, Dyness at Energy Storage 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany

November 30, 2023

rom 29-30 November local time, Dyness brings its outstanding technology and innovative products to the Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2023 to help the German energy storage market to flourish, and present a unique technological and visual feast for the global energy industry.

As the world's leading energy storage technology company, Dyness has always been committed to driving the development and application of clean energy through innovation. At the exhibition, Dyness showcased its latest energy storage technology and series of product matrices, attracting the attention of many visitors.

On the stage of the Energy Storage Show in Düsseldorf, Germany, the Dyness balcony energy storage product "Junior Box" became the focus of attention when it was launched for the first time, attracting many exhibitors and experts in the media to stop and watch. The Junior Box is specially developed by Dyness in line with the latest energy storage trends in Europe, and is designed to provide users with a more efficient and intelligent clean energy solution by making the best use of space and fitting in with the original style of the home.

The Junior Box not only has the advantages of high energy density, long lifespan, safety and reliability, but also has convenient and intelligent product features, which can provide users with more reliable, independent and autonomous energy reserves and flexible energy management solutions.

Large Capacity Flexible Expansion:

The single unit has a capacity of 1.6 kWh and can be stacked up to four (6.4 kWh), which can meet the power protection needs of a family of 3-5 people, and can effectively store excess power during the day for use at night, further reducing the cost of household power use.

Plug-and-play seamless adaptation:

Adopting the standard MC4 connector, it can be used with most of the balcony power generators on the market. This greatly reduces the difficulty and time of installing the system and makes it easier for users to operate and use.

Real-time monitoring,Intelligent and worry-free:

The product system is equipped with a remote monitoring function that allows users to monitor energy usage in real time through the Smart ESS App on their mobile phones, making it easy to control and adjust in a timely manner, maximising energy efficiency according to actual usage and achieving a more sustainable lifestyle.

For home users who want to embrace renewable energy, save money on their electricity bills and seek power security, the compact Junior Box has become their best choice.

In addition to balcony energy storage products, Dyness also showcased a series of innovative energy storage solutions for multi-application scenarios, including the low-voltage Powerbox Pro for household use, the Rack HV4 and DH200F for commercial and industrial products, as well as the Tower T series, a high-voltage energy storage for household use, which is highly popular among European users.

The Tower T series is available in five capacity models, ranging from 7.1-21.31kWh, and is widely compatible with many leading inverter brands, including SMA, Kostal, etc. In particular, the new version of the Tower series has a new version of the optional app with smart connectivity for monitoring and control, which enables remote upgrade of the system, integrates smart BMS and EMS, and integrates the digital intelligence of the energy storage to enhance system efficiency, precise management of energy and energy management, as well as to improve system efficiency. efficiency, accurate management and optimal utilisation of energy.

During the exhibition, Dyness' technical experts and sales team conducted in-depth communication and cooperation with professionals from all over the world, introducing Dyness' energy storage technology and product advantages in detail to many visitors and sharing successful practical application cases.

In order to further deepen the local service, Dyness has established a branch and warehouse in the Netherlands, strengthened the co-operation and contact with the local head energy storage companies, strengthened its comprehensive corporate strength in the field of energy storage, and promoted the clean energy transition in Germany and Europe.

Dyness will continue to work hard to promote the innovation and application of energy storage technology, provide users with better energy storage solutions, bring more surprises and breakthroughs to the global energy industry, and witness the sustainable future of clean energy together!