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New Start! Signed, Dynes's headquarters is to be located in Wuzhong, Jiangsu!

January 17, 2023

On 13 January 2023, a signing ceremony was held between Jiangsu Daqin New Energy Technology Co Ltd (Dyness) and Suzhou Wuzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee.


Before the signing ceremony, Ding Lixin, Secretary of the District Committee, met with Liu Yang, General Manager of Dyness, Liu Junming, Director of Dyness General Manager's Office, Fang Yutao, Director of the Industrial Office, Xu Jiming, Member of the Standing Committee of the Wuzhong District Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the Economic and Technological Development Zone, etc., and witnessed the signing together.

Hand in hand with beautiful Wuzhong, create the future together

In recent years, Wuzhong District has been implementing the development strategy of "industrial strengthening and innovation-led". It has achieved new results in economic and social development, with several core indicators such as industrial development and technological innovation ranking among the top in the city, and forming an excellent industrial ecology in the fields of robotics and intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine and health, and new generation information technology.

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Wuzhong District Party Secretary Ding Lixin said:

Wuzhong District will uphold the concept of "responding to requests and not disturbing anything", revolving everything around investment, project construction, and enterprise development, building the best business environment, continuing to do a good job in infrastructure construction, talent support, life support and other We will continue to do a good job in infrastructure construction, talent support, living support, and other software and hardware elements to ensure that we can provide comprehensive services for enterprise development.

Seize the opportunity, the frontier is emerging

The global energy storage market is growing at an unprecedented rate. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the cumulative installed capacity will reach 358GW/1,028GWh by 2030, and the global energy storage market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 33% until 2030.


Dyness focuses on the lithium-ion energy storage track and has been cultivating the overseas home energy storage market for many years, and is one of the first companies in China to lay out the overseas energy storage market, and has successfully established its own brand Dyness.

Boldly moving forward, living together, and winning together

In 2022, Dyness had a fruitful year, completing its Series A financing, adding a factory in Taizhou, and winning the "Top PV Energy Storage Brand in Brazil 2022" award from EUPD RESEARCH, an authoritative energy storage research institute in Brazil.


Liu Yang, Chairman and General Manager of Dyness Technology, said

At present, the new energy industry is developing rapidly, Dyness in the energy storage track is based on the coupling barriers of multiple capabilities, from products, supply chain, channels, markets, and other aspects to achieve rapid growth. The partnership with Wuzhong has a profound impact on Dyness' future development. With Suzhou's superior industrial environment, perfect talent support, and pragmatic and efficient government services, in the future, Dyness will take root in Wuzhong, accelerate the layout of advanced production capacity, continue to make breakthroughs on new tracks, and contribute to Wuzhong's industrial development.

    In the new starting point and journey, we are forward-looking, full of confidence, towards the ultimate goal of "building the Dyness brand into a globally famous brand and becoming a world-class new energy technology company", using energy storage technology and innovation writing more beautiful chapters of coexistence and win-win in beautiful Wuzhong!