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Media attention!TaizhouTV reported Dynes's export rapid growth

December 12, 2022

On December 2, Taizhou TV station reported Dyness with the title of "Taizhou: the first 10 months of foreign trade import and export value increased by 15% year-on-year".


The interview focused on the location of the new Dyness Taizhou factory, covering an area of more than 12,000 square meters, which was put into operation at the beginning of this year. In addition to the traditional manual semi-automatic product line, the new factory is also equipped with a fully automated robotic arm production line, with an annual output expected to reach 2GWh.

Dyness, as one of the earliest companies in China to develop and lay out the overseas energy storage market, continues to adapt to market demand and strengthen technology research and development to develop and manufacture home energy storage devices suitable for a variety of application scenarios. The products with inverters can realize charging when the electricity price is low and use electricity when electricity price is high or blackout, to achieve the effect of cutting peaks and filling valleys, and reduce electricity bills for household use. As well, in some areas where electricity is unstable, the system can be used as a backup power supply for households to ensure that customers' important loads can be used normally.

Dyness technical director Zhang Weizhong was interviewed and mentioned that currently our best-selling products are mainly small HESS, which adopt the design of stacking modules and a single system can achieve a power storage capacity of 7-21kwh, meeting the electricity demand of most households.


At present, the global energy storage market is in a period of rapid growth, of which customer-side energy storage is one of the important drivers.

According to BNEF statistics, the global energy storage application, household demand is basically stable between 20%-30%, much higher than commercial and industrial.

The installed capacity of European household storage is in a constant high growth trend, reaching 2045MWh in 2021, up 73% year-on-year, with an average annual compound growth rate of 63% from 2015-2021, a very rapid growth. Among them, Germany is the biggest driver of European household storage growth, and the installed scale of German household storage reaches 1479MWh in 2021, accounting for 72% of European household storage.

The Xinda Securities analysis points out that, ideally, with the continuous promotion of distributed photovoltaic installation and household storage economics continue to improve, 2026 global household storage installed capacity of 159.1GW, about 25 times that of 2021, 5-year compound annual average growth rate of 91%.

Market space, according to the household storage system $1 / Wh ($6.7 / Wh) to calculate, is expected to 2022-2026 five-year global new household storage installation will bring 2.5 trillion yuan of market space, of which 1.1 trillion in 2026 market space.

Dyness products are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with international safety regulations and have passed international certifications such as UL, CE, JET, TUV, etc., ensuring high quality and long service life. We provide one-stop energy storage system solutions to meet various needs of customers, such as smooth PV, backup power, time-sharing, peak shaving, and valley filling.


The rapid growth of Dynes's exports, in addition to the objective increase in demand in the European region, is also inseparable from the support measures of the Taizhou region for enterprise exports. This year, Taizhou Customs actively respond to various unfavorable factors and take a variety of measures such as no-meeting approval, one-enterprise supervision mode, remote video inspection, etc., to open up a green channel for enterprises to export. These are favorable policies for Dyness, which guarantee the smooth delivery of product orders and steady growth of exports, and the expansion of energy storage and system business.

Dyness operations director Xu Qian said in an interview: the next step will increase the core technology of energy storage, continue to invest in research and development forces, and rely on the domestic complete upstream supply chain resources, continue to do a good job of product iteration, to provide global users with more reliable and safe energy storage products, to create Dyness become a high influential Chinese brand.


Get More about the highlight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThpOMfv3m0Q