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Intersolar Europe

May 11, 2019

Dyness at Intersolar

15–17 May,2019

Messe Munich

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Dyness brought the energy storage solution to the Munich exhibition in Germany again.The latest High-Voltage energy storage solution to perfectly match customer needs.

In the past three days,from May 15th to May 17th,the world’s most eye-catching,largest and most influential solar professional exhibition(Intersolar Europe 2019)came to a close at the New International Convention and Exhibition Center in Munich,Germany.The show focuses on solar photovoltaics,photothermal technology,solar power plants,grid infrastructure and renewable energy integration solutions.Dyness New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.is involved in with the latest energy storage solutions.


In May 2009,the European Union issued a“Renewable Energy Directive”(RED 2009),which mandated that the EU’s renewable energy consumption should account for 20%of total energy consumption by 2020.Each member country shall formulate a corresponding national energy plan based on its starting point,population,and renewable energy potential to step up the deployment of renewable energy.In November 2018,the European Commission,the Council and the Parliament via the tripartite negotiations again and adopt the renewable energy directive.The revised agreement(REDII)has raised the target for 2030 to 32%and plans to improve its progress in 2023.

Germany’s renewable energy industry is leading the world in development.After the energy transformation,in order to adapt to more renewable energy access,the development of the energy storage industry is advancing by leaps and bounds.According to a survey by the research firm Wood Mackenzie Power&Renewable entitled“2018 European Energy Storage Landscape”,Germany is the best performing country in the European energy storage market,except the,followed by other countries.Dyness New Energy brought a variety of independent research and development energy storage solutions to the exhibition,which attracted a large number of exhibitors to negotiate and won many recognitions.



Dyness ESS Development

Daqin has been focusing on the dynamics of the energy storage market and has developed a series of complete energy storage product chains for different applications, covering small-scale energy storage on the residential user side, large-scale energy storage systems at the industrial and commercial level and large-scale energy storage systems at the public utility level.Meet the needs of multi-application scenarios.

Dyness energy storage system adopts high-safety lithium iron phosphate battery and is equipped with high-performance BMS(Battery Management System)to effectively manage the battery core.The system has the following key features:

Comply with European ROHS regulations,adopt SGS certification,and adopt the best environmentally friendly battery with no toxicity and no pollution.

The positive electrode of the battery is made of lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4)material,which has good safety performance and long cycle life.

High-performance BMS battery management mode with over-discharge,over-charge,over-current,temperature and other protection functions,which greatly guarantees the security of the system.

Fully intelligent design,equipped with centralized monitoring module,with three remote(telemetry,remote signaling and remote control)functions;

Flexible configuration,free expansion,and multiple battery modules in parallel to ensure long power supply time requirements.

Wide temperature working range,-20°C~+55°C,good cycle life and discharge performance at high temperature.

The battery system is small in size,light in weight,and sealed to IP65,both indoors and outdoors.